Any interest in a new SS Galaxy round?

Hello good people of Imperial Conflict.

If a new round of fam based SS Galaxy was created, with a proper map this time,
how many of you would be up for joining?


yes yes

if we do it again we will make the map bigger, more systems, more planets for everyone as this round the system count is lower than expected.

Yeh that 8 extra players didn’t help the cause. ,but it still ended up leaving people out.

  • Definitely, count me in
  • No way, count me out
  • Maybe, depends on settings

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The problem with the current map is not only that its too small but its also way too sparse. The systems are too far from each other.

Another potential change could be custom races instead of Qezians

i think its most fun ive had since returning a year ago, I hope ss galaxy is here to stay.


Remove ingame naps from the galaxy.
Smaller and more fams.
More galactic events.
Smaller more dense galaxy. (balanced around the amount of players)
I’d keep Quezians for now. I did like the race dynamic in Infinitum but with no market and no aid i’m sure its best to keep it all the same for balance.

Races could be the predefined races quantum pax Revlon cammar could be interesting

I don’t mind the map setup. Sparse systems doesn’t effect anyone when everyone has 100% speed. Multi tick attacks are a risk, but it’s the same for everyone. Isolated systems become easy to hold but are also vulnerable to coordinated strikes.
These things are the same for everyone. What a dense map helps is super active fams who can cover large clusters with 1 active player. I don’t think those people need more help to win?

Race variation might be interesting because it’s hard to play cf based with camaar if you want speed, custom races would of course have to sacrifice various bonuses to excel at what they want, but I don’t think this change is necessary. Everyone already has everything they want for whatever playstyle, removing quezians would just force people to specialize and take penalties in other areas. Not a bad thing.

Would love to see people commit to fighting people their own size. I’ve been doing that all round, but it looks like I will get murdered in the pursuit of other people winning size ranks, which is going to remove my ability to do much of anything, and make me stop playing.
I don’t think this is something you can enforce with rules though.

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I agree, it is a community thing and something that the community has grappled with since probably alpha-1 round… It wasn’t so noticeable when there were 50ish fams, or even 20-30, because as a small fam you lost an early war, then got your nap after losing 20-30 planets and you got to war the other raped small fams in somewhat even competition with whoever was left active in the fam. The big fams could take small amounts from each fam and be ok overall, ready to hit the main competition mid-late game.

Now, with less fams, the big burly men take 100+ planets from small/inactive fams, meaning the round is pretty much over… and then they repeat later and avoid hitting the fellow big fams until they have lost savings/been in another war because they are all risk adverse.

I understand, it is a winning strat, and they are all in wars the whole time, unlike with NW based winning where everyone naps and does nothing but infrawhore until the end of round where one person gets to be jumped to ridiculous levels and everyone slaps themselves on the back…

Surely there is a middle ground somewhere, where yes wars happen… even wars between big and small fams, but people’s rounds are not ended early just so someone else can have a few more planets… At least it will help grow the community, which can only be a good thing…

71 yes we hit 76 ,but been hit by 74 72 also so 71 is hitting all fams I get the concerns though

Please vote for a new SS galaxy round in the 5th post of the thread, by Lightguns.

We wanted the NW protections back. This would stop people farming small people. Two rules here:

  • 40% Family Networth Rule - Can’t attack a family less than 40% of your family’s combined networth (unless they attack first)
  • 40% Personal attack rule - Can’t attack someone individually if they are less than 40% of your networth (unless they attack first)

These two rules used to be in place before. But Pie has removed them - I’m not entirely sure the background why (maybe they weren’t working properly?). Unfortunately, he was not able to bring them back for this round. Maybe in future? If he deems it required.

I think it’s important to have at least some protection for smaller players. I think Infinatium has the same issues.

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i would like to see:

1: Smaller fams (2-3 players) and alot more fams = more dynamic and ALOT more action + diplo

2: bigger map and more systems but not alot more planets than 100-150 ish per player if devided up. Anything above this will only increase the diffrence between the big guys and small guys. make people fight for the planets.

3 quezian race !!

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As i understand/remember it there were two reason

  1. The code was broken
  2. Pie doesn’t want code enforced play, he wants player enforced play, so this goes along side UA and his alliances idea. So the small family is meant to use diplomacy to get another big fam to hit the farmers, since the farming fam will be low on resources and morale, making them a tempting target. Issue is that this has not happened, mostly due to naps and the risk adverse nature of IC fams…

This is why I want a tier system for galaxies, so that there are places for a more relaxed play where us less active folk can actually play a round

Well that’s interesting. Because a lot of games have some form of ‘noob protection’. There was always a lot of thought into this for IC too. Which is why hardcore play was made as an option, for people who wanted to be a bit more ruthless.

What we have specifically in IC right now, is a low player count. And if for some reason, an active player is disadvantaged because they landed in an inactive family and cannot compete with other fams, or whatever the circumstance may be that they cannot compete well with others, then without any protection, they are liable to just quit due to bad experience. And that’s not what we need at the moment.


Then create one, with SS rules and HC rules :slight_smile:

i would play that and smack swagga around like ragdoll :smiley:

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