Andromeda 53 is open!

Registration is open!

Join here.

Size Settings

  • 80x80 Map
  • 446 Systems
  • 2230 Planets
  • 9 Families of 5 starting spots
  • Full draft

Time Settings

  • Length: ~1 month
  • Starts Sun, Jan 02, 2022 @ 14:00 UTC
  • Ends Sun, Jan 30, 2022 @ 14:00 UTC
  • Offensive Action Delay: none
  • Science Funding Delay: none
  • Market Delay: 2 days

Other Settings

  • :white_check_mark: Anonymous play is enabled
  • :white_check_mark: Family Aid is enabled
  • :white_check_mark: Market is enabled
  • :white_check_mark: Unofficial Alliances are allowed
  • 3 Defense Stations
  • 100x Starting Resources

Registration is open!

Join here.

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Planet cooldown on, right?

Yep! It’s on by default now.


It was bought up last round about the full draft and same teams just getting stacked
Yet once again you catered to those same people’s needs and did a full draft
Casual players don’t vote , it’s just the same guys who want to finish on top vote for a full draft so they can just keep stacking teams and dominating
You need to make the good players be split up so they can teach others and that way the active players are more evenly spread

Yes, once again we set up the round according to the players who voted. We will do the same next round.

For this round, the majority of players who voted did not want what you are suggesting.

You’re welcome to post a thread in #support:feedback if you want convince others that we should avoid full drafts. I fully support you and other players expressing opinions on this matter, and any desire to make a case for or against full drafting.

Like I’ve told you mate
The people who vote are the dedicated and full time players
The casual people probably barely if at all look at forums
You are just reinforcing the top fams time and time again
Maybe have the stones to just go against the hardcore players and not give them the full draft they always dominate in ?
Give a fair round with equal opportunity

Just 2 round ago, Andro 51 opened with only 1 draft spot. You are making some incorrect assumptions about what the “hardcore” players always want.

It’s not about having stones or not, it’s about having a sensible process for a group of players with a variety of preferences. Sometimes you will get what you want, and sometimes you won’t.

You are arguing for us to take away player voice so that you can get specifically what you want despite everybody else who took the time to express their preference. We aren’t going to do that.

People want different things. That is why we have a vote in the first place. I understand why you don’t like full draft, and I also understand why other players do.

In this case, the majority disagrees with you.

I understand that not everybody reads the forum, but for now the alternative is not having a vote at all. Our process isn’t perfect but it is better than players not having a voice at all.

You’re welcome to post a thread in #support:feedback if you want convince others that we should avoid full drafts in the future.

The people who vote are those who are the dedicated players like I stated
I actually said no draft
And honestly enjoy the game and round
Delete my empire I won’t participate In another round of drafting
It’s pointless watching the same people win over and over again due to a system of voting where the drafters vote it back in
Also look at fam positions
One of them in this round has no near systems and destined to lose
Way to lose 5 players who land there

The map is random, I didn’t manually place any families anywhere.

FWIW, I am actively working on moving the whole vote process out of the forums and into the game directly.

Like I said, I understand that not everybody reads the forums. The alternative for now however is no vote at all.

This hopefully will not be an issue for much longer.

Not to critise pie, but a majority didn’t want full draft… 3/8 wanted full draft, 2 no draft, 1 1 draft, 2 didn’t care…
So it was 3 for full draft, 3 against and 2 abstain…

Still issue is that only 8 people out of 48 in the round voted… a 17% turnout… which is super poor

Can’t wait until you get the voting into the game pie

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Thanks for the correction @You_Fool. Plurality is the word, not majority.

However if we’re grouping those who didn’t vote for full draft as against it, then we also group those who didn’t vote for no draft as against it as well: 2 for no draft, 4 against, and 2 abstain.

We shouldn’t group votes that way though, as it makes inferences about people’s views that may not be accurate. We don’t actually know that 3 people were against full draft, only that it wasn’t their first choice. Same for no draft. The “middle” voters could vote either way if presented a binary choice, so we shouldn’t assume.

It is interesting to note that no draft was the 2nd most voted option. That indicates that contrary to the assertion that our hardcore players only want drafting, the reality is actually more split.

If only 2 more people voted for no draft, we would have had it.

Curious pie
Which family is yours. ?

I might not be playing this round, still not sure.

For someone who is quitting the game, you sure are not good at disappearing…

Can’t improve the game and give constructive criticism ?
You worried if there isn’t a draft you can’t play with your little friends and have to have a fair round ?


The people who won’t last round (andro50) is Not the same as who won this round (Android 51) just wanna put that out there…

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We know that :wink:

Yup @ItchyShadow . And the people who won that round (Andro 51) is not the same people who won last round (Andro 52).