Andromeda 46 Plan

For reference, the Andromeda 45 details can be found here.

Suggestions are welcome for changes to any of the following settings for Andromeda 46:

Size Settings

  • Map Size
  • Number of Families
  • Family Size
  • Draft Spots

Time Settings

  • Round Start/End Time of Day
  • Offensive Action Delay in Days
  • Market Delay in Days
  • Science Funding Delay in Days

Other Settings

  • Disabled or Enabled: Market
  • Disabled or Enabled: Family Aid
  • Disabled or Enabled: Anonymous Play
  • Number of Defense Stations
  • Starting Resources Multiplier

Please keep suggestions for #andromeda-46 limited to the list above.

If you have ideas that aren’t on this list, feel free to post them in #ideas.

Andromeda 46 will open for registration on Thursday, April 29, 2021 based on suggestions in this thread. The round will start on Saturday, May 01, 2021.

Thank you.

Keep as is but 10 x 4 fams from the get go.
(or 8 x 4 moving to 10 x 4 if slots filled)


adding to fams when the galaxy is full is kinda weird, because that would mean a new fam is created and starts with 1 player when all others are full…

I suggest we fill it, and then only add a new spot with a waiting list - when every can get 1 player, add a slot

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8 fams of 5, no market, attack delay of 7 days, science delay of 5 days, no anonymous play

Rest the same

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I like the idea of 8 fams of 5.
I’m not exactly super savvy with things since coming back to comment well on the rest, but will come back to edit this post if I take a stance on anything else.

Quick Q - if Family Aid is disabled, does that effectively mean everyone is going SS that round? I guess it could also depend if market is up or down.

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Had 8 fams of 5 2 rounds back, andro 43…I thought it was actually pretty good… only 1 fam full on no hope, plus 1 more that drew the short straw on expo wars… all over shadowed by the whole orbit/tbo show

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Keep as is but 10 x 4 fams from the get go.

I think we are sitting at 36 players right now

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The long attack delays are ridiculous. It’s way to easy to expo in someone’s core and fuck someone’s round up.

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No market
Fam aid on
6 fams of 6 (less likely for 1 inactive to kill your round)
48h attack delay
Planet recovery OFF
Draft 2
Science funding delay 2 days
Big map, 3 DS, As many resources as we can get

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Anonimous play
Market disabled
Family aid enabled
9 fams of 4
48h Offensive action delay
Planet Cooldown enabled
Full draft
No science delay
Same map size as now (100*100)
3 DS
Starting resources x100


Anonymous enabled
Market disabled
Family aid enabled
12 fams of 3
0h Offensive action delay
10 permanent planets per fam (1 system of 10p protected from attacks?)
Full draft
No science delay
Map size (50*50)
1 DS
Starting resources x100

lmao…not even sure if you can have permanent planets/system

@Rawrr i already know you are going to hate on this its just a joke…sheesh lol

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Such naughty language :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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That is really small… a quarter of the current map… you sure that’s what you want?

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I call my submission the “WARZONE” of IC lol

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1x1 map with 1000 size systems would a war zone:) one big happy family.


That would be insane lol

Thanks for the input everybody, Andromeda 46 is Open For Registration. :+1: