Andromeda 40 is Open For Registration

Initial joins are for draftees only; public registration will open in 24 hours.

Public registration is open!

Join here.

No draft code is needed

If you were part of the draft, just join as you would normally. The game will place you into the correct family automatically.

Kudos to @Rawrr for our custom Halloween map!

Size Settings

  • 100x100 Map
  • 750 Systems
  • 3000 Planets
  • 6 Families of 4+ Empires
    • 1 or 2 random spots might be added depending on interest

Time Settings

  • Starts Friday, October 23, 2020
    • We may push this a day if people are slow to join. Get your team together if you can. :+1:
  • Ends Friday, November 20, 2020
  • Offensive Action Delay: 72 Hour
  • Market Delay: None
  • Science Funding Delay: None

Other Settings

  • Market is Enabled.
  • Family Aid is enabled.
  • 3 Defense Stations
  • 50x Starting Resources
  • Deleting is disabled
  • 35% attack limit is disabled
  • 1-tick “planet cooldown” building limit is disabled

Initial joins are for draftees only

Public registration is open!

Join here.

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@I_like_pie not letting me join for some reason

@kingray try logging out and back in again.

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I did, the first time and it didn’t work. I switched browsers and got it :rofl:


also get your ass in discord here with the rest of the captains @kingray

Oh ho ho, you guys are missing the king?

I have no idea who you are, but you get to sit at the round table of captains for negotiations about whatever

How many evolves?


Where do you see that?

in both the absence of the option in the parameters listed above, as well as the absence of the evolve button in the preferences tab

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Ha ha, who doesn’t know the king…I’m literally all over IC

It’s 1 Evolution. It doesn’t show up yet because you can’t use them pre-round.

We’ll be including all galaxy settings with the new pages, to avoid confusion in the future.

  • Sorry, but Andromeda 40 is not yet open for public registration.

You’re all ready to go, it’s time to jump in!

I cant join :unamused:

Try logging out and back in again, it may need to update your reserved-family info.


So their is an evolve for fuck sakes post it please

Doesn’t say I rules confusing everyone pie ??

This sentence confuses me.

What don’t you understand? I don’t see how Pie could have explained it any clearer

1 evolve. This will become available to see after the round has started. Really not difficult.

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