Andromeda 38 Open for Registration

Andromeda is open for registration

Size 500 Systems.
3000 total planets
Total Familes 6

Duration 6 weeks. Starts July 18th which is Saturday

Custom Races okay.
1 Evolve
Market is Enabled.
Family Aid is enabled.
2 Draft Spots Available, Coordinate with the Family you want to join, as we can’t add you if you mess up.

72 Hour after round starts you can Attack.
No science funding Delay.
2 Defense Stations
5x Starting Resources

I think i covered everything, have a great round


when are the other 5 slots opening up? This is kinda awkward.

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FAIL!!! :smiley:

Sent the request into Pie. I have no control over this part

I need my fix man… I’m starting to feel things again… I …I… I… need my IC…
Come on gummie some IC…I know you have some…

Lol silly rabbit

  • Sorry, but Andromeda 38 is currently full.