Andro round 49 chitchat

Interesting round settings, a funky map (thanks @Rawrr!)
Let’s have a fun round!

Time started, so best of luck everyone!


Good luck to all…please try not to hit the block button this round unless you mean it.


Thanks @Hala best of luck to you and your fam this round as well, as goes for everyone :slight_smile:

Hope people enjoy the map, the start and the round as a whole, we’ve tried our best to create an interesting, balanced and engaging round so I hope it pans out as such. Thanks to the people who voted on the parameters and people that voted for the map. I had a blast creating it.

And like @Soull stated try not to inadvertently hit the block button as it’ll take his attention away from his family.
Also no, that doesn’t count as a strat :wink:


Good luck guys.

BOR plan = don’t die

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Can’t wait to block some folks

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I have already submitted my help ticket :sweat_smile:



Solid plan

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This is… A round huh

I do believe it’s a round, yes.

A very round… round

One could even say it’s so much a round round it’s almost full circle

All things you do in this circular round round will somehow circle back to you

So many circle jokes, in this circle in a circle in a circle by a circle round.

I’m glad I came to Universal News to read this forum of all the going ons aROUND the galaxy.

I love this map. Great job.

Btw I’m back. How are you all? lol


I’m also glad you did that

When are you going to round up your neighbours?
It’s a round round so you can go round the roundabout for the next 6 weeks kicking some butt.
I think you should follow the rules of round robin, 7 different fams, 7 weeks, hope you come out on top.
Be careful though, what goes around comes around, even in this round round.
It’s like musical chairs, you never know where you’ll stop and when it’s time for another round of fisticuffs.

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no, im not glad i did anymore lol

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Need a draft code? Looking for a 7th still