Andro 51 Drama :)

Well I havent seen to much drama really hitting the forums so far this round, so I guess I will start this off :joy:

Anatidaephobia, we both know who you are but I won’t actually say your discord name incase you want to remain hidden, I know I likely would want to…

I find it extremely funny seeing you whine and cry about how big bad MoD has treated you in the game. Talking about how you “thought we had a border agreement” and blah blah blah. How about you tell everyone the truth of the matter instead of lying to them. You asked me for a early NAP, not a border agreement. Not sure about everyone else, but to me a nap is a nap and a border agreement is a border agreement. So I agree to give you a nap out of pure kindness as you were supposedly “basically a 1 man fam”. Now I think you will remember that I had one condition, YOU dont come past a certain planet, end of condition. I never once said we would not move closer to you, ever. You never complained and you never made any requests back. Now move forward.

Couple days in you start messaging me about the fact we went past this certain system that was never, let me repeat that for you since you did not understand it in in-game messages, we NEVER agreed to such a condition as part of the nap. Well you must not have liked that very much because then you started nuking. But wait, we had a nap and now your nuking. Unless the terms of a nap have changed, aggressive ops, whether successful or not, are a violation of the nap. Well you get a couple ops back and leave it at that. Were being nice. Move forward again.

A player is in your fam, this should be hooray, but instead I hear in the forums that you have set this active player as Rogue and have started taking his planets. This player who just came back to IC and your essentially telling him to not bother coming back. What a tone this sets for new and returning players. So now we decide enough is enough and we decide to take action against you. We hit your fleet, hit like 24K out of your 150K iron stash and take 4 planets and then you run complaining saying your quitting and blah blah blah.

I am not one bit sorry for taking you down a peg, but now it appears that you have tried to convince your friends here about how bad this group is and what’s worse, your lying to them about what really happened. I can be the bad guy if you want, no issues with that if you need it to make you feel better, but do not lie about what really transpired.

We never had any intention of “Ruining” your round, just knocking you down a peg so that you would stop doing things that are not building up the game but rather tearing it down. Making a player who is active a rogue so you can take his planets is just not cool and will only deter people from coming back or staying. This crap is so 20 years ago. Time to grow up and move on and be a part of a solution to the game as opposed to a problem with it.



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Name and shame

says the guy who ran off with pickle

I just got one question…was this an in-game nap? :thinking:

I’ve been rogue the whole time pretty much

My leader has 3 planets seems like probably a multi.