Andro 47 Lol Coup De tat 7633

ANDRO 47 NOTE: Havoc is a Rogue Leader. He has betrayed our family and I have no doubt he’ll seek to betray everyone in his way.
Note he & Thruster are working together.
Sunshine & I are doing our best & still with Honor. I have honored all agreements & I will continue to do so.
Please ignore Havoc, as Sunshine & I can plainly see that he is very mentally unstable.
I will not attack you. I would Greatly appreciate it if Sunshine & I be allowed to handle our Internal Affair. Thank you.
[email protected]

@DalekSec Havoc Of DALEK Fam 7633:
If you are going to be a real leader you should start leading.
Don’t worry I’m not mad at you.
When you realize how crazy this all is, just vote Thruster or Sunshine Leader and we’ll get back to business of climbing the ranks.

Pretty sure you can not attack in rogue status but what do I know … I mean that I don’t know :sweat_smile:

It’s ok I’m not concerned with that. What concerns me is you are willing to destroy our fam- just to get your way.
My question to you is what do you want?
You don’t seem to understand how Imperial Conflict is played now in the 21St Century

You think we can talk like normal people and not put this business and petty drama out there or is this to back up and reassure me that you are truly and ego-maniac yeah oh look everyone poor poor swaggs got a problem wtf ever it was is our business whatever it is you did split us in half grow up take responsibility make a freaking apology like a grown up make things and let’s move tf on

Not here to argue and be petty this is supposed to be fun :roll_eyes:

I am prepared to give an apology- What would you like me to apologize for?

! Swagga — Today at 9:07 PM
Yess yes yes I have a huge ego- everyone knows that & they should know why by now. I’ve earned it & I’m not apologizing for it. But what I do apologize for is my inability to get you to understand there is no way to keep everyone building infra, plus fleet, all the time, 24/7. Everyone has periods of activity. And You should understand that since you came late to this round in Andro 47, that Attackers are a low priority at the Start Of Rounds. We are only a week & one half into this round. Usually this is where things start to take off & fams pay more attention to Attackers. What really concerns Sunshine & I is your mental stability. I feel like you are emotionally disturbed & are throwing a temper tantrum to get your way. Nice job, but are you leading 7633 for the better or are you Hell Bent on making it worse? If you don’t want me leading then do better than me, or vote for Thruster or Sunshine. And in addition- just to let you know: I have the right to express my opinions as I see fit as long as I’m within the rules of IC. I think in this case, everyone has a right to know what’s going on, because you think I am discriminating against you. That’s clearly not the case. But in any event I would like for us to find some common ground & goals, and work to achieve them together. It’s business- not personal. But anyway- good luck with making a better fam & play environment. It’s obvious you care deeply about it. Hopefully, things will be more to the way you expect in the future. Thanks for your time & commitment. I apologize for hurting your feelings. Please consider all that I’ve said & lead wisely. Build this fam up- not tear it down. Warmly & Sincerely, very truly yours; Swagga