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Dam I’m really spamming the ideas forum at the minute.

Do you think it would be cool / fun if we could add a short typed personal message when you sent a player aid? This been for in game purposes and sheer comedy value.

In this case when you sent a player aid you would have the option of attaching a small written message, so for a basic example a player would get sent aid and it would read.

You have received 100,000 Iron from XXXX

“Hey dude sent you want iron I have, build loads of CF’s, will send more in 2 tics”

“Hey I’m off to bed now, passed you the bank, see you tomorrow”

That you can add a little message with each aid shipment which would also open up a lot of banter / jokes / general communication between the family.

I’m sure some people would be comedy masters of aid sending.

“Good news boss we have managed to recycle the Pandas on our planets and have gotten you this aid, oh mighty one”

“I am sending you this aid but expect it back with 25% interest or else its the knee caps”

“You owe me money dawg!”

Like a chance to add either a comedy or tactical game play message with aid you send. This way leaders/bankers could send aid and say…

“Sent you cash for e-ships”
“Sent you cash for portals”

This way when the player wakes up they understand what the aid has been sent for.

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Good, ideas are great. From what I’ve seen, they have been constructive as well.

I really like the idea of optional messages with aid, it puts the message right in front of the receiver. I can see this being used a lot for both organisation and trying to converse with that 1 guy that you are 100% sure is ignoring your messages because you asked him to explore every tick since BoR and he’s still building his home planet up 30% into the round. (EDIT: I pulled a possible scenario out of the air, I don’t think I’ve personally ever seen this happen)


Hahaha… yeah, what n00b would only build their home planet… :sweat_smile:

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°sent ya Oct for your strip club, warchild°

Yep, this would be a neat feature. Both for fun and organisation purposes.

°last shipment of iron, I go on strike till I get coffee and a ham sandwich °


I’m glad people get this, it would be pure comedy gold and would increase banter and family communication.

It would also be funny seeing some of the screen shots of aid messages, have a hall of fame for comedy aid messages hehe.

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