Additional MW59 spots

If the galaxy fills up, will you be adding additional spots to fams?

No, it’ll stay capped at 7.

so full=full, why is that? You added spots with full galaxies before?

It’s to balance out the galaxies. MW operates pretty well at about 49 people, so capping it will direct new players to Balius and SN instead.

MW is already stable and fairly successful, but the other galaxies not so. Especially Balius.

It’s just player distribution. MW doesn’t need players as much as the other galaxies do.

from time to time you seem to lack the player point of view pie, who wana join SN or balius at this stage ? u cant compete at all with players who was there for SOR


Perhaps you lack the point of view of a new player?

I appreciate the critique, but the issue you describe is exactly the purpose of doing this. =P Keeping MW capped will force new players to either go into the other galaxies, or wait until MW is over. MW doesn’t need more players, but the other galaxies do.

As for existing players, this will incentivize them to make sure they join quickly during registration. Limited spots = higher demand. If they don’t make it in time, they can jump into Balius or SN and wait until the next BoR there.

Yeah it sucks in the short term to have to join mid-round for whoever misses MW. I don’t lack that point of view at all, I fully understand it. However, it sucks more for all of us in the long term to have 2 other galaxies that are sparsely populated. This is the solution.

Rest assured, there is a method to my madness. :wink:

So far the 7th fam has zero players, so first let it fill…

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Is new players even a subject? :stuck_out_tongue:

seems to me it would be wiser to try keep the once we got instead of making the frame around new joiners?

Semi active n00bs will for sure be killed of in Balius and MW , and an older active player wont even bother playing SN or balius as a late joiner (atleast i wont)

So it could be your setup now might even work totaly against what ur trying to achive, old players stop playing, new players get killed of or farmed to bits in SN with noone teaching its just a question about time when they go inactive?

how far off am i?

also no dissrepsect Pie, you know i love u :stuck_out_tongue: hehe it just at times like the balius setup this round…the setup kills the gameplay some atleast with 100X starting ressies when afew fams get 2-3 players more for start the than others. Go look at old old SD setups, small fams, semi big map, ALOT OF PLANETS :stuck_out_tongue: = Chaos = success :stuck_out_tongue:

IF we create the high “temperatur” rounds with alot of tension ppl will be active and play.

but if you Create bigger fams and less deviding of the good players, u get those powerhouses and rounds with less tension.

there is no good reason why pitbull and LG should be in the same fam twice? (two of the most active attackers with expericen.

Or hell, ME and ICD like last round though that didnt work out too well :stuck_out_tongue: LOL

MW is fine the way it is … make the map bigger and systems are too far apart… increase the number families, or fam size, the galaxy gets clustered and explo phase ends faster, so nothing for new joiners to do.

If MW gets to be so popular it is constantly full, maybe bringing back Pinwheel would be a good idea, a smaller version of MW.

I also think once one min tic galaxies come out, that will satisfy any boredom for those waiting for a new galaxy to start. Playing an entire round in a night would be pretty cool.

Of course. It’d be foolish to not consider them.

Very far off. :stuck_out_tongue:

As far as I can tell, we haven’t seen old players leave as a result of this. With regard to new players, I’ve seen that some newer players actually stay more active in SN because they’re not forced into the “you must play this race or we’ll kill you off” situation that happens often in MW.

Looking at the hard numbers, there hasn’t been a dramatic decline since I started capping.

The setup polls exist for this reason. If you feel the starting resources are not going to work well, there is nothing stopping you from voting for something different AND posting in the forum to convince other players why they should change their vote.

There was an opportunity for conversation about 100x resources in Balius during its setup polls and thread. Why wasn’t this discussed then?

It’s simple: the majority voted against a reshuffle. You shouldn’t be trying to convince me of anything here, you should be trying to convince your fellow players.

Your feedback and interest is definitely appreciated, but it’s misdirected right now. The fam sizes are preset but a whole bunch of settings are still up to player vote that will impact how the galaxies run. The conversations that matter right now are ones that effect the setup polls, and those are conversations between players and other players, not conversations with me.

Remember, galaxy setup polls weren’t a thing a year ago. Mods decided how things were set up and players had to deal with it. You guys have a lot more power than you used to, but most are only voting. Discussions with other players make a huge difference, so make use of them. :slight_smile:

when i start trying to to convice players about stuff, it normaly ends up with me being blocked :stuck_out_tongue: HEHE

the only thing basicly that would increase diplo, strategies and drama is more fams and smallers fams agree?
thats the only thing we cant vote on… :stuck_out_tongue: the shit we vote is kinda not relevant to vote on, couse it dosent change gameplay much if we do 1 or 3 ds’s etc…

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Weren’t you just saying how 100x resources was a problem? :stuck_out_tongue:

I do understand that fam size has an impact, but to say the other vote options have no impact is hardly accurate.

7 fams of 7 is what MW and Balius will have moving forward. If you can convince enough other people that its worth changing, I’m willing to reconsider. But 1 player’s opinion isn’t enough to change the plans I already have.

You have forums here at your disposal. If you think others want this too, you should be talking to them to rally support, not to me. :slight_smile:

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Well, if you count me asking if you will increase size when the galaxy fills up, it’s not just 1 player’s opinion anymore.

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Sounds like it’s worth discussing this more then. :+1:

Let’s do this: MW still has 22 spots available. While we wait for that to fill up, can you guys make your case for the increase? @Airwing has made his points clear, but I’d like to hear it in other peoples’ words too.

My main reasoning here is that I want to funnel new players into the other galaxies that are short on players compared to MW. What are yours argument not to do that?

1: 100x ressie is problem if u got bigger fams, some of these fams will be more organized and have more skilled players than the others… organizing 7 ppl with 100X ressies, will rocket launch you into a great start. vs the team with 7 players that has barely spoken together…and right from the start u got a shitty gameplay situation.


A 3-4 man team - the skilled more active players who normaly organize starts, will be more spread out and u are likly to have more fams with SOR organizatin and planing. along you will get the effect ofl those small fams that will increase diplo game, Strageies and competative level, it will be ALOT harder to dominate.

7 member fams is not a bad, but it takes alot to run a crew of that size, not many people around that have the time for that anymore, it becomes messy pretty fast if you dont have a strong leader.

As i see it, overall gameplay is more or less decided on afew factors. (not the main options we vote on)

Size of map
1: Fam size
2: Amount of planets ( expo phase dosent need to last 3 weeks in . 6 week round…)
3: map size
4: moral formula ( why we still have the new age formula as a option is mind blowing?)

The options below dosent matter much if u look on gameplay alone its like the question, do you want the red og the yellow smarties? your getting choclate eitherway!

Market Delay
Offensive Operations Delay
Unofficial Alliances: Not allowed
Players CAN choose to stay in fam after round.
Starting Resources
Max Defense Stations

mark my words, this MW round again you will have 1-2 fams dominating and the rest just tagging along…

I want to funnel new players into the other galaxies

I’m not sure if there are new players, or if I’m what’s considered “new” these days (a returnee who played long ago).
Anyways I’ll give you two reasons to make sure there’s enough room in the galaxy for everyone who wants.

  1. Each galaxy is different. If I want an apple but there aren’t any left, but hey, there’s a banana. I might take the banana, maybe, or I just might go to another supermarket.
  2. If I wanted to play MW, Balius, and SN, I would have to pay you. Don’t you want monies!? The revenue generator outside of good faith is a drive to play in >2 galaxies. I like MW and SN and not Balius, so there’s no(t much) reason for me to pay.

What chris listed as the driving factors of gameplay seems correct versus the options we vote on. Starting resources is the only integral vote and I felt like people just vote the big number, too many options. It’s like voting NDP when you don’t vote normal/100x.

Tell that the the blue smarties. They got removed for making kids hyper and then added back in because they adjusted the formula.

Arguments for 8 players:

  1. With low resources, growth will be extremely slow. It will be at least a week into the round before we reach the sor situation of previous round (with 10x). Adding an 8th player accellerates growth so we can actually do stuff after being bored the first week by default due to delay.
  2. It would accommodate demand. I think it will fill with 57 players, thus binding players (I don’t believe those players will enter a running balius round and stick for longer than 48h.
  3. I want an additional banker :yum:

against it… u dumbasses wanted this small amount of ressies for SOR deal with it leave it at 7…cause if thats the case i could of waited it out and joined with friends

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