Additional family spots in mw

Right now we are capped at 80 players in mw. I think we should add another spot.

We have a lot of returning players and i think we have the ability to make mw even larger.

Lets take it to 90 and see what happens


I don’t plan to do this as it will lead to uneven families as the join rate slowed down significantly the 24 hrs before SoR. It is unlikely we will get another 10 to join.

It’s better to have a full galaxy than one with open spots, even if it means some players don’t get to play. Uneven families puts some at an unfair disadvantage.

If we knew there was 10 players that wanted in. I say we do this. Set a time. Might be some rogues to be removed not sure.

If we can get 10 people posting here that they want in, I’m down.

can we add a not to the join page then? so people know what they need to do? and make an official thread?

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A thread in the short term would be fine. I’d rather not go mucking around with the join page for this specific exception though.

Inactive spots continue to open up too, so there’s not a huge amount of urgency for this imo compared to other stuff. We have 2 more spots open now, which means 8 inactives so far have been removed.

Imo there’s just as much reason to just leave it as-is.

Change of plans here: an email is going out today and inactive drops have slowed down. I’ve added a spot to account for the incoming traffic.

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