Add market seller fee to base amount of a bid or sale


This one is just about aesthetics rather than game mechanics. As it is now the selling fee is deducted from the bid amount after the bid is placed. If one doesn’t wish to do the math this makes for odd numbers, and messes with my OCD. Round numbers are happy numbers. It’d be nicer if the fee was added to the bid amount before placing it. Maybe it could also allow to pay the fee in the equivalent amount of gc. For example place a sell bid for 1k iron at 10gc and pay a fee of 20 iron or 200 gc on top of the bid amount. It wouldn’t be much of an addition to have the total to send to trader shown next to the bid amount while placing it.

If you like this idea and want to see it happen, please vote for it via the “Vote” button in the top left of this page.

If this idea sucks blame the wine, the weather, and small children driving me mad.