A mistake that no one should ever repeat:

When this round in MW started I ended up in a family with a certain player.
The player’s name will be mentioned in the end of this post.

I never met him before, but some of the other players warned me about him and even threatened to leave the family if he’s staying.
I believe in giving a chance to everyone that I don’t know because sometimes people tend to hate others on the basis of personal issues and not necessarily professional issues.

I talked my family members into playing and giving a chance.

When a new player joined the family after SOR and immediately said he would leave because of that certain player that is in the family I talked him into staying too.

What happened in the end -
That player that everyone warned about used huge amounts of the family economy to build up to 96 planets with high value infra, and at some point he received the family bank again (it was pretty big) and just disappeared and never showed up again.
Not to mention he was very dramatic and rude during the time he was active.

The next time I end up in the same family with this player I will immediately make sure he’s marked rogue and killed, and I hope this post helps others to be aware and beware.
@Acrid is the name. beware!


Acrid is [not so fun person] that [in my opinion] nobody ever wants to play with. He’s constantly complaining with a non stop bad attitude. I was with playing with a group of friends over a year back and Acrid was a random. We knew his reputation but decided to give him a chance, which ended up being a huge mistake. He was our main resourcer and stopped aiding out for over a week and and tried to go rogue when we were prepping for an eor war. We ended up talking him down and getting him to send out his saved ressies. The next night when he went to bed we marked him inactive and killed him off. [stick to description of events]

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Sorry you guys had to go through all that stuff too @Strong_Current. How long have you been playing IC? The good thing is that for every one Acrid in IC there’s several more good people… Just bad luck having him land in your family.

That’s a spicy meatball!

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Only player I’ve ever seen to hold all family ressie hostage till he got 48hrs of all family infra


I’ve played back in 2003 for a few years, just came back a couple of months ago =]

I’ve seen other players hold bank/planets hostage for extra attention and infra before but that was a long long time ago…

Sorry to hear about your guys’ situation.

To all:

While we respect players’ opinions regarding other players, we want to remind everybody to keep things as civil as possible.

You are allowed to not like playing with players, and explaining why is perfectly fine. You are not however, allowed to make personal attacks. When in doubt, err on the side of caution.
Try to keep your posts, views, opinions here clean, stick to descriptions of actual events. Do not go into name calling, evil wishing etc.



To be fair to acrid tho yes he can be pretty hard to work with at time if he does decide to participate fully as a family he can do quite well at banking

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is it really that hard to bank though, i log in once a day and am currently top 5 lol

not to say i like acrid, iv ran and been in families where both he imploded and played his part.

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Only time I had acrid in fam we had 3 fam chats:
No acrid chat
No “I hate acrid player” chat
No drama chat (without either of them)

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i :heart: acrid. played with him 2 rounds and we had a “acrids corner” that he had to check once a day. if u know how to, then a acrid can be a wonderful member of the society.

in my fam there will be always a place for a acrid, dont leave :sob::sob: