A few ideas

It would be really nice to see IC become more of a ‘game’ then an internet page which people talk about;

Pie, if you did some analysis on fam discord channels you will see that 99% of it is complete fluff,
by fluff I mean the ‘Can i have 10 iron’ ‘Can i have a PI’ ‘I can make a portal’ This makes for a very grumpy Orbit and then players have to suffer. And in general it’s really time consuming and absolutely pointless why this has to be done in discord. Why can’t this be done in-game. Think of all the great things we could chat about if were not fluffing around.

So here’s a few suggested, interpret and develop as you will;

I dont have PI, but I can click on a planet and click on ‘Request PI’ which would go to an operations page and send family members a little pop-up alert. The request can be executed and marked off. This could be used for any opps.

I need cash/resources, Suggested previously, let people have the ability to take aid from others, apply restrictions if you must, but it would save so much fluff time.

Being able to see what a family member makes was a great addition, go further with that and allow players to have full access to another family members ‘Planet’ page. Gives better transparency. And if you added features like being able to ‘mark planets’ so I could mark 10 planets blue. then player2 can go to my planets page and select all the blue marked planets and send fleets. again, reduces the fluff of copying and pasting planet lists in messages and on discord.

Another one previously mentioned is being able to see fleet reports so you dont have to ask ‘How many lasers did you have’

A few others, fleet cost calculator for family based upon their current construction research
Being able to see where family members have sent fleet (and amount) so you don’t waste your life
A summary of the entire cash/resources for the entire family, bureaucracy x200 why are we doing this?
Maybe a more enhanced tactical screen where you can get easy access to lists of shares with other families for each family member,

Interactive map where a leader can use a paint like tool to draw on the map to create a plan of an upcoming war.

Make fam news summary internal and easy to use
Make infiltrate’s available for all family members and summary internal and easy to use, its so annoying when you have to send this to someone as a text document…it’s 2020.

Maybe also a nice feature to allow players to create a profile of themselves, such as how they see themselves as players, strengths weaknesses, IC and non-in related stuff, might be a nice addition

Crack on with this Pie, I could name a million more just by reading the nonsense in discord.


I love his ideas. Get on crackin’, Pie! whip whip whip

This post got my attention so its been a long time since i last posted. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks @OrBit, this is definitely the right mindset: removing dependencies on external apps to streamline communication/gameplay.

I’ll chunk these out when I can so we can start planning them as part of the new UI stuff.


Orbit for president!!!


A very grumpy Orbit is the reason i play, but good ideas


Urgh. I hate feeling like I might agree with something @OrBit says.


I like the ideas, love some even, but I don’t want to have too much transparency.

Of course, share the intell and opp results, but if the UI will be such that it then clutters with all of the intell ppl in the fam gather, have a share button, so ppl can decide what intell is worthwhile to share. Most is, but sometimes your own PI, third of the same planet, just before you take the planet, is not.

Same share button should then be put in every aspect of shareable info, for the same reason and also if someone does not want to share all the tricks to have an edge.

Aid should be asked and granted, not taken. It is easy to check the cost of what you are going to build and then submit a request to aid page, where request (with the info what would be built) would then appear for anyone to send all needed or some of it (and then the needed amount in the request could be subtracted with the amount sent, until zero).

I thought of an option too, to make that requested aid to be stored for that purpose only and building start when request is fulfilled, but there is many problems. It could be used to save cash and ress without tax, or to have others build bankers ground during raid attempt when banker is sleeping or away for longer or just otherwise babysit another account.

Taking aid from someone has similar porblems with babysitting an account.

So, please, make the game better, but with caution. :slight_smile:

P.S. MTG may have suggested something similar earlier :stuck_out_tongue:


I think you’re going into stage 2 Zan, for now, here’s the ideas, ofcourse they need to be worked out. That’s down to Pie and his sidekick Soul to figure out how it fits into gameplay.

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I think it is good to think about loopholes before implementing anything. That is not stage 2, it should be at least stage 0.9.

Yeah, talking through features doesn’t involve code and is open for hashing out. It’s preferable even; you guys play more than I do and are more likely to see the edge cases.

Brainstorming is great! Good work guys. :+1:

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If any of this will progress somewhere i’m happy to discuss it, but won’t waste my time if it will sit and decay in the forum.

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I am for anything that improves gameplay, but it needs to not decrease team play… taking aid does that, requests that pop up do not… having a share button is better as well…

I think this is all stuff that can happen once the API stuff is done, right pie?

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Also maybe have webhooks to fam chats? So the requests, fam news, etc… can also spam a dedicated fam chat channel

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Great shout. Publicly shared discord bots that you just add to server, not have to host yourself, since we all use family discord servers over family forum

Hmm :thinking: The king agreee with good 'ole Mr.Grinch over there for maybe the first time :joy: