A Farewell from the Horde

I do not expect everyone here to know who The Horde is or who all plays with us. Suffice it to say that we have been around for quite a long time now off and on throughout the years and have been consistently one of the better clans in the game in my opinion. No, not everyone likes us and we don’t like all of you either. But that is part of what has built the community in this game into something to keep coming back to. For me it broke down into a few different aspects that keeps players coming back.

  1. Friends
  2. The Win
  3. Good strategy and tactics
  4. The rivalries from round to round

I put friends on the top of that list because I am one of those players that has zero desire to play outside of my group any longer. For the most part I have no interest in trying to wrangle many of the other players in this game to work within a strategy and team play that seems to be going away more and more. Now I am hearing that in the near future with automation taking over the round setups etc that it is basically going to be impossible to play with your friends except for like 2 of them and you are forced to play with random players. I am sorry but for me and the guys that call themselves members of the Horde, we simply do not have interest in continuing in this game based on the direction it is taking.

I am aware that this may seem like a whiney post or that many of you simply do not care if we stay or leave and that is fine with me. I get to have my voice and I will always use it when I see it fit. To those of you I have played with in the past and had good times, I wish you the best of luck. To those of you that don’t like me or I don’t like you…I hope you continue playing this game and lose as often as is possible.

And lastly, to the members of the Horde. I am super grateful for all the memories and great times that we had together. For the rounds won and rounds lost. For all the ups and downs and everything in between. I genuinely had an amazing time playing with you all and hope to see most of you in another game if we can find one!


and to those who have left the game long ago, you know who you are. Cheers!


I’ll always love you :kissing_heart:


It’s been a pleasure. I know this is not intentional by pie. But we don’t play to win, although sometimes we do. What is the point in my humble opinion of winning amongst 30 players. We play with our last remaining mates :pray:.

Thank you for keeping this game going.

Much love and respect to the community.



@HydroP - your farewell is based on the assumption that by automatic round generation there will be no full draft rounds.
I don’t think that assumption is valid… it won’t be every round no, but you can be a bit more selective which rounds you play, with The Horde.
I know I feel the same like you, I’m not a big fan of randommig, always seem to land in the wrong fams, and there’s a bunch of people I really don’t want to play with and with such a large part of the fam being random that kinda sucks.

However - just stay tuned for all-draft rounds :grin:


The first few rounds will be full random because Pie needs to add drafting into the new round setup; so might be this time next year before we get drafting back… which I actually think will be a good thing for the game. I wish people would just accept the shitty rounds with the good ones. Learn to live with each other and not hold the grudges


I don’t think it’s up to anyone else to determine if someone did something to me worth of holding a grudge.


Let us know if u find a good game Hydro, ill join it and smack the horde around in that game too :stuck_out_tongue:


This is my understanding too, which could admittedly be wrong as I haven’t followed the new changes closely.

Not being able to game the join anymore is the only thing I see this eliminating. As a trash tier pleb random that didn’t make it into The Horde ™ I typically wind up with at least 1-2 people that create an account and then never login again. I’m a pessimist and assume the worst of these people; that they are multi joins either to fill spots in other fams to open more draft spots in full draft or just straight attempts to join a specific fam and then abandoned when not successful.

From what I’ve heard the changes are going to make it harder to do these things I mentioned while also not precluding full draft / group play as we have it now. I’ve also heard promising things about shortening the timer for killing people off to improve other aspects of this same problem.

The player base is so small as it is we really can’t afford to lose more people. Hope you’ll reconsider.



hence the use of the term “I wish…” to indicate this was just something I hoped for not something I thought would happen.

The game is too small for us to hold grudges, but we are human so we do it still even though it will lead to a situation where we feel we are not having fun anymore…


Lol that got a good laugh out of me. :ic_laugh:

Hey no matter how the game ultimately ends up I will always be grateful for you all as a group of friends inside IC and out of it. I’ve had some great laughs over the years with you, @SpartanLegion, and others and I’m super thankful for everything you guys brought to the experience in past times and recent times.

I do wanna add for clarity though, as others pointed out, that the game direction isn’t doing away with team play or even limiting it to 2 or any other number. It’s more that the new automation is needed in the short term in order to keep the game functioning in my (increasing) absence, and unfortunately the new system is incompatible with drafting. The good news is that this will make way for a proper friends/clan system that will be better than drafting ever was. There’s no inherit limit to that, it’s just all a matter of timing and dev work, as usual.

That aside though, you guys have always been cool in my eyes even during disputes, wars, forum arguments, or whatever else. So thanks for that, and much kudos for the success The Horde has sustained.

Also, @HydroP I want to thank you specifically for all the effort you put into not only playing the game but also offering your well-thought feedback and ideas for improvement, teaching other players, and contributing to the community in the various ways that you did. I don’t know if everybody is aware of the extent of that, but I definitely am and really appreciate it.

This isn’t really a farewell though, I’m sure I’ll see you guys around chat somewhere, even if not IC’s. Let’s have a drink sometime!


See @HydroP - a system where clans like the Horde can play together will be coming, so we’ll see you then :wink:


Oh boy, what a farewell…


I only played in and around @HydroP 's Horde for a few rounds.
They are a blast, creative, and unquestionably loyal to each other.

Good people to boot.
Hope you don’t quit Champ your fam’s roots are deep in this game.

You guys have it all.
Tier one attacking.
Tier one banking.
Great leadership.
You even have one of the very best swing players of all time imho ( @SpartanLegion )
More honor than most when you choose to.

Hope the game gives you a reason to come back. <3


I’ve missed you dearly my friend! :heart: @Darrk

Hope your well. You know where to find us.