A bit of help please

Hey i havent played in years and years and just wanted to ask a couple of things, is it worth building tax offices and also is it worth researching ecomony? I am just trying to make as much money as fast as i can and wandering if someone could give me a good kinda run down on what to build? Also whats a good number of lasers to defend a planet kinda on average? Thanks alot guys i know i probably sound abit silly but havent played in so long.

Regarding lasers - anything above 25ish is generally a waste. Someone is either going to send enough bombers to kill 100’s of lasers or just a small fleet where 25 would protect you.

TO’s seem useful, though only after you have a good base income created from cash factories, otherwise the % boost isn’t multiplying against anything

Thanks alot mate, im really enjoying ic i dont know why i havent been playing for so long. How do i become a member or something like that brother?

I wonder if i research 1million dollars economy would it really increase your income enough to make it worth spending all that money?

You’ll need cash to build with, so you’ll have to decide how much you want to invest, and how much to save, in order to grow.

Thanks alot for your help bro