7750 vs 7753 46 hours till war

4 #7050: In Memory Of [34,62] 11,519,576 826 6,856,380

2 #7053: Who Framed Jetsica Rabbit [9,39] 14,969,539 666 83,097,153

7050 Led by HydroP attackers include KujjeR, drones, spike hydro and when hydro is that far down the list you know it is a scary lineup. They seemed to have got better since SOR when we earlier had to deal with them. I was able to stop the bleeding then.

7050 is a lineup full of solid players and not a fam you want to see when your unprepared or underprepared. This cancel was a great and smart move as 7053 just recently got out of a war.

7053 is undersaved and out produced. This will be more than an uphill climb for us. We have 2 attackers which one is myself. This is a war game and like i said this was smart for 50 to do.

Our econ is led by Hoit and Easyway which has kept the fam econ going even with the lack of planets. While other fams farmed the smaller onces. We took 16 ish planets from 49 and stopped. Never hit most of the smaller fams. We are basically pacifists the Monks of the milky way.

I am looking fwd to this ass beating. I feel like this will make me feel something at least. the numbness of it all can only get you so far.

TO fam 7750 I say this

I do wish you all the best of luck,
I know you will come out swinging and we only hope to duck,
out of the way of your overwhelming forces,
Hoping you will have buyers remorse,
I played this game for long enough to know,
I can still entertain and put on a show,
Like boxers in the ring dancing,
My fleets will be advancing,
your core will not belong to your family,
When war is over your be full of misery,

Good luck to both fams.

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I can tell you how to defend this war for 80 planets Jets :crazy_face:

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Gogl get em

GL guys

War is 12.5 hrs away.

53 is underserved an estimate of 5x in the resources dept especially.

This won’t be much of a war. 50 should run all over us. Jetsica and her bankers have little hope.

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War starts in just over 1 hr.

7053 got word hrs before that 7048 would not be joining in.

Shortage of iron/end limit 7053 fleets

7050 has 1 guy with 7 mil droids.

@HydroP let me know when your fun is over.

6 randoms in 7053 is kissing their loved ones goodbye as they set off for this war

war been going on for 8 hrs

7753 is doing ok considering how undersaved they were. 2 attackers vs 4

planets of 53 is being blown all over the place

Raid and op