#7600 VS #7596

The big fight is starting!
Although a bumpy road towards the start of the war, the sentiment at the dawn of the fight is one of mutual respect.

Unfortunately, some fams haven’t been able to keep away of intervening and opping both 00 and 96.
I guess that’s where this game is heading; the #1 and #2 fam go to war, and both fams get opped by different fams.

Nonetheless, war started 9 minutes ago. State at T=0:

@7596, good luck, have fun!


Good luck.

Dont forget yall saved up for 50+ ticks before declaring war lol. Gave yourself a good head start :wink:

They also broke a nap and was one of the reasons they were opped

Yes it’s a shame when families intervene in the affairs of other fams isn’t it? Guess you got a taste of your own medicine, ms. hypocrite. Next time change the title to be more accurate, i.e. #7600 vs #7596/#7599/#7602

Speaking of salt, haven’t seen this much salt being thrown around since the third Punic war.

To be fair 00 was also oped early, as per the post…

So both sides had some loven

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Hense why I said they broke a nap and received a small amount of naps for not paying compensation and a few other reasons. They were not nuked and had cash destroyed for 24hrs like 96 did tho.

I agree both sides got some :heart:


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Wait 02? What did I miss :flushed:

Swagga jumping… FOR HONOR!

Wonder what side that was for, lol.

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If he hasn’t attacked or opped yet maybe no side and has his own agenda. Assumptions are not nice.
Swagga tho so could be both sides

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See above :wink:

Good luck both sides… where is the popcorn :popcorn:?

How’s he a multi?

Curious minds want to know now :slight_smile:

lol well why don’t you explain it to everyone :slight_smile:

Thats the usual response of someone jotting down slanderous remarks without any evidence.

Yes, I’m waiting :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t get this part, help me please :sweat_smile:

That’s what we did. Don’t come crying more than 3 days after the fact.