7593 v 7595: The war of the titan

So I was not really in the mood yesterday, but as of T382 the greatest war of all time has been waging as 7595 declared on 7593.

Start Rankings

Rank Family Networth Planets Population
2 #7595: Eye Of Mayhem [19,34] 2,865,159 387 2,940,989
5 #7593: [ANZAC] N00BS WANTED [2,53] 1,683,789 340 10,741,626

Current Rankings

Rank Family Networth Planets Population
1 #7595: Eye Of Mayhem [19,34] 4,013,043 441 3,632,545
8 #7593: [ANZAC] N00BS WANTED [2,53] 1,646,598 275 9,589,758

Highlights of the war

Family Captures

7 planet(s) Family Captures #7595

Family Defeats

19 planet(s) Family Defeats #7595

Captures blown up

0 planet(s) Captures blown up.

Defeats blown up

67 planet(s) Defeats blown up #7595

Truly an epic war between great champions!

Alkebulan Camaar 1,242,053 144 1,194,812

That’s one big ass camaar… must be painful for morale

And yet he is still blowing up my planets and killing my fleet…

It is nice to know that I am such a huge threat

You were just in the right place at the wrong time. I ignored your 2 attacks on me during expo phase. I told you I was pushing 86 back because they went wild with attacks from me clearing 1 planet. So you send expos into 86 where I expoed & took planets.
I cleared you. I repeatedly had offered all my victims naps the entire time.
You weren’t a threat but those shitty naps you had with everyone stunted your growth & made it possible for you to try to sneak under the radar by staying small & pop banking. It also made it possible for other players to try setting up in your core to vs 95. I cleared those also.
92 tried snuggling my fam so I puched them back as well.
We did very well with 3 players all round- would have been nice if we picked up a 4th player but we had 2 inactives instead.
Better luck next time buddy.

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So much falsehoods but who cares


Man, two rounds and no drama… I’m on a role

I dare you to say I’m lying

Petty sure he just did, lol.

Oh brother…I thought this was over

No, no, no…

IC drama is never over :stuck_out_tongue:

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