7588 v 7593: Never to early to get it on

7588 continue the great diplomacy of 78 from last round. Just early round skirmishes at the moment, but worth a post :smile:

Rankings (T127)

Rank Family Networth Planets
5 #7588: Pub grub [79,76] 295,025 108
7 #7593: [ANZAC] N00BS WANTED [2,53] 197,630 84

But pings and pongs been happening since just after attacks started (T99)

War NW and Size Chart

I’d like to report cheating, since all other fams had to wait to T97 before launching attacks…


To be fair, Retorica didn’t make his first attack until T99

Edited OP for truth

Thats not entirely true @You_Fool. Retorica made his first attack sooner but on another fam.

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First attack that is relevant to this thread?

Depends on your definition of pings and pongs

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Family Captures

4 planet(s) Family Captures #7588

Family Defeats

10 planet(s) Family Defeats #7588

Rankings T141

Rank Family Networth Planets Population
5 #7588: Pub grub [79,76] 354,460 122 507,041
7 #7593: [ANZAC] N00BS WANTED [2,53] 270,406 98 997,262

State of Battle

Family Captures

  • 10 planet(s) Family Captures #7588

Family Defeats

  • 10 planet(s) Family Defeats #7588

Oh very nice

Y’all come to an agreement already?

Not as yet but they are now cleared from our space

War updates

Rankings T157

Rank Family Networth Planets Population
6 #7588: Pub grub [79,76] 402,152 149 486,248
7 #7593: [ANZAC] N00BS WANTED [2,53] 308,741 107 1,487,032

Family Captures

  • 3 planet(s) Family Captures #7588

Family Defeats

  • 2 planet(s) Family Defeats #7588

State of battle


The main conflict should now be over, as 7588 is now cleared from 7593’s area. Some long-range pings have still be seen.

Overall statistics T99 - T151

Family Captures

  • 13 planet(s) Family Captures #7588

Family Defeats

  • 12 planet(s) Family Defeats #7588


7593 UP 1 planet

52 ticks for 25 captures total… :face_with_monocle:

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Ok, not the most exciting of battles… but in our defence it is only early days, and 7588 were not really into anything, it was just a stabilising of borders. I just wanted some interest in Uni News… oh and also because I got pissed at Retorica… and because they started with the idea that systems next to our home system were somehow their core…

If it helps, Not Funeral, whoever that is, was quite pissy about me making this thread… gave me a laugh…

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