I’ll just drop this here:
SwaggaSolar Conqueror


At the beginning of this round I slapped everyone on the back and said SIC’EM…
IC Death told me to hush, and I haven’t said a word since…

Amazingly accurate PvC Airwing… Kudos :sunglasses:
I don’t want to give away any secrets so I’ll just say: We Are #1 by excellent reasons… But just to brag- It’s mostly cause we’re the shit.
Our chat is filled with Pimp, Gangsta, Hustla, Redneck, Logistic, Comedic, Military chatter… We have no excuse not to Win: We gel well- Tight as a frog’s ass, Sharp as Eagle Claws…
I gotta say Flipmode is really out doing himself. Pitbull and ICD are nigh Invincible. Arby is a wise smartass, Undeath the strong silent type, and You Fool may be our voice of reason behind the scenes. Everyone is giving :100:% and I just wanna say Thank You! Keep it up. A fam this experienced pretty much runs itself. SSSSSSSo the rest of y’all need to step your game up!
SSSwagga’s Fam IS PAWNIN’ YOU!!! :sunglasses:

yea we aren’t #1 anymore though. doesn’t have the same impact lol

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Oooh i see the champagne bottle is open allready

Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy :sunglasses: