6613 vs 6608

Just mere hours before War starts we get a live look into the Milky way 69 galaxy. In this image you can see how not only is 6613 completely surrounded ,but their leader Jets must of lost his mind. This doesn’t look good for the Penguins family and Vegas has 6608 as the heavy favorites in this one.

6613 in blue and 6608 in red.

Rumor is fleets are being built on both sides and as the actual sizes can not be yet determined. White shadow the Leader of 6608 may end up double the size if not more than Jets the leader of 6613. As I say these are estimates, and the actual figures are not yet in.

The reason for the war is apparently over planets and the penguins saw another fam that had them and wanted them. The birds started off the round real slow after getting Massacred by family 6619 early in round. The penguins stayed around 13th for a long time till working their way up to 9th. The family members of 6613 said we have nothing to lose lets just fight so Jets decided to go for it ,but may have chosen a target just to great and mighty. The Legend Whiteshadow is a force to a reckon with some would even call him godlike. WS himself calls himself this and he has earned that title in my mind.

Good luck to both sides.

When this was said to WS he laughed and said luck wasn’t needed.


@Jets don’t feed the ego, it’s like that movie mogwai :smiley:

War around Mother’s day, my mom will be happy, unless her son gets pwn’d :rage:

Good luck to you and your fam lets have a fun one

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Jets ftw

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3 #6608: If you kill us, you kill Stan [1,80] 29,889,358 759 137,778,599

5 #6613: Penguins 2.0 [11,48] 15,331,735 377 3,382,64

3 Stan_Lee Camaar 15,580,917 36 305,559

5 Jester Camaar 10,418,402 44 394,360

At least I have more population all is not lost.

Actually lol unless you bow all is already lost just waiting to happen

War is over congrats to 6608 and WS.

As part of the nap agreement this is for you WS

Whiteshadow the greatest Ic player of all time…
The IC god himself I can only kneel in his presence
and wait for his mercy to be stowed upon me,
oh IC god have mercy i know I am not worthy.
I give thee 50 planets I give thee myself

I humbly accept your worship of the god of IC the legendary attacker of all time.

Rise my child and be on your way but daily remember your master and feel welcome to inquire of my greatness anytime.

War over

Good war Jets :slight_smile:

your people are also better looking :smiley: