6613 cancels 72 hr nap with 6608 and 6611

9 #6613: Penguins 2.0 [11,48] 377 5,081,360 3,473,640

4 #6608: If you kill us, you kill Stan [1,80] 760 9,499,511 137,489,709

7 #6611: We suck worse than Nickelback [66,52] 468 6,144,510 40,481,239

these fams are not allied and planning a war that should start around 24 hours before this one starts.

6613 is aware they are at war and planned to go after 6611 for a long time ,but this would not be fair as they are already going to be fighting 6608. We will war both fams and try to be as equal as possible.

Why you asked? We need planets.

Why these fams? Fam said i am weak and I said i was strong

I wanted to fight the best ,and have fun. This sounds like fun.


everyone wants a piece of the king.

OK since 6613 decided to interfere with 6611-6608 little war I decided to Pnap 6608 for free and will war 6613 1vs1 instead

so 6608 and 6611 are Pnapped and we will war Saturday with 6613

good luck friends :slight_smile:
may @I_like_pie protect you

Pie nevermind that they are saying they will knock me in protection mode that is all. I know it’s been a while since you played.

I’ve been playing again since a month ago. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s a nasty threat though. Good luck!

6613 plans to war 6611 and 6608 as planned. These fans are not allied and both bigger then us out econ us.

Not making excuses I just want to have fun and play IC.

Ic has always been more than just a game. It is a community, a family, and a happy place.

I wanted to fight the best which is why I choose 08. Whiteshadow is one of the greats like him or hate him there ain’t no denying that. It’s just fact.

I choose to war 11 because I never got to finish what I started because I choosed to nap when they were fighting 14 and 08.

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I don’t even think 6613 will reach 6608 current nw after fleet jump.

Nap with 6611 The 2 fams were able to agree on something that worked.