6611 vs 6608 & 6614


6611 has DECLARED WAR on us.
We have DECLARED WAR on (6611).

It’s been going on for 2 days not looking good for 6611 who when it started had 777 planets but now as you can see :slight_smile:

6 #6611: We suck worse than Nickelback [66,52] 569

(FA) Manchild Hit Man 2,026,950 89
(L) ChadKroeger Partaxian 1,080,075 117
(VL) DanielAdair Revalons 711,452 103
GrandTechnocracy Revalons 408,333 77
Sinai Ghetto Youth 380,025 75
RyanPeake Revalons 297,837 108

2 bankers in Pmode and the Pax is next so not looking very good at all

Nap was offered yesterday by me but no response so I guess they want us to keep taking more.



Stan Lee points his finger at Kingray and says be reasonable and stop losing more planets.



Lol what is this tom foolery?

You feel happy about this?

Please don’t wag your finger and ask me to be reasonable. I am reasonable, this so the first time you have reached out to me…and I’ve been bugging your no good buddy Darrk for the last two days. Soooo…



And whats with these pointless war posts. They are pointless. I will soon return that favor to you and Darrk. Every round is a different ball game hombre. :man_shrugging:t5:



The war posts is something that was a huge part of the game back in the day. It also helps retain some of the history of mw69. When we are playing mw100 we can look back and see what happened during mw69. The stories of the round is what makes this game great.

2 vs 1 and better econ not super impressive ,but the story still should be told.



Well even with those words from Kingray we had 1 on 1 diplo and agreed to CF that should end in a nap very soon :clap::clap::clap:

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Nap is agreed upon

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  1. I have posted several war declare threads of late, but usually they have been 24 players vs me solo, or the largest nap break in the history of the game. So I have been kinda chill on this.
  2. @kingray 's other (two!) allies double naped My and WS and left his underbuilt, massively planet fat family, multi account (?) / lead attacker (Pittbul), and the rest of whatever his fam was doing out to dry, and dicks in the wind.
  3. My fam never declared. :woman_shrugging:t2:
  4. In the middle of it, his allies realised that Kinray’s couldn’t put up a fight so they cancelled their naps.
  5. Seeming this was about a 100p non-declared planet grab - and it was gaining great shares with Mango (widely thought to be Airwing, or Ordos, whoever it is is bad, horrible at diplo, and not used to being told what will happen - but incharge of a family of vets - with a 3 week old account) and with Rizzy’s fam.

So they got beat up because their allies fucked them, they didn’t have any defense, and really failed at nearly all their retakes.

War, this was not.

Hydro beating the piss out of “Mango” to stay ahead in planet count while the naps ticked down has prolly doomed “Mango’s” family as well.

Why they canceled in the middle of that rape is beyond me.

There has been some really sophomoric attempts at getting big groups of players together to pull the same sleeze as last round, just like last round it got Kingrays fam beat up, in lieu of the mauling it did to PA’s honor (last round).



The list is looooong and distinguished homie.
Last time it took 24 clowns vs 1 'ole darrky - and I made the entire round zero fun for everyone.

90% of those people don’t even play MW anymore.
It’s that grudge nonsense that poisons rounds imho.

Good luck for the rest of the round @kingray - you still have a ton of planets and an active attacker.

Good enough for ya @Jets ? :face_with_monocle:



Yeh I don’t want 11 dead. The idea of a closer to end of round war with them. Would be great. Honestly we are in a weird spot to weak to fight most other top 10 fans. To big to fight the smaller fams without being dishonorable. Just want to enjoy the round. That is what these are. Once they are over they are over. Next round sure you will have fams yeh I want to get a piece of ,but you still need to do what is best for the fam and circumstance.



Ohhh I love your insights @Darrk and again you have your facts mixed up!

I have no multi’s, as far as I’m concerned :man_shrugging:t5: but again you feel everything you say is fact…

I sure did get beat and atleast I ain’t crying about it, if my allies we’re good or bad to me doesn’t depend on you. It depends on me.

This king is his own! I am not on your pathetic list of grudge holding players. I hold no grudges towards you, I still like you. I just don’t like people who aren’t real with me and this round you were not one of those people. It is what it is. Just like TBO last round. I hold no grudges towards TBO. Every round is different. You think I will water my time and ever MW round after this seeking you out? That’s for petty people and I ain’t petty.

What I meant is that one day you will be on the other end of the spectrum and I won’t do it the petty way the other people did it. It will be a good old fashioned war! one for the ages and not EOR either. :stuck_out_tongue:

So trust me homie, keep making your assumptioms about me like you have been doing since day 1. Since I ever started talking to you you have made assumptions about me. Have chastised me, have jumped at me in chats…etc etc.

All I try to be is nice and friendly to you, but hey. :man_shrugging:t5:



Darrk, you’re really very far from the truth in this post. There’s been basically zero coordination by any families this round (except your 4 family army). The round is utterly boring and has no competition at all. Since most fams in MW this round are loosely formed with the goal of having a fun and kinda relaxed round, everyone knew there would be no point when they saw your 4 family army forming at SOR.

Again, there’s been absolutely zero attempts of gathering players and families to put you guys down. No one is holding grudges except your 4 family army, and that is indeed ruining the game atm. Kujjer and Rizzy are daily wondering why they’re even playing.



Not sure why the post then. Other than to see how many times you can say “4 family army”.

If you were to say “4 family army” at least one more time though it might make it come true. Doubtful, but it’s worth a shot I suppose. There is no 4 family army. It’s a 2 fam alliance vs another 2 fam alliance.

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I fought Hydro and Hellz / Lurker for the first 350 ticks of the round (more or less solo) they murdered my spread - while I held on to a decent size core. They opped me, full fleeted portals, the works.

7:02 PM] TheBigOne: Meh
[7:02 PM] TheBigOne: They all assumed it would be 4vs
[7:02 PM] TheBigOne: So they are playing it out now
[7:02 PM] TheBigOne: Clearly they don’t understand that wasn’t the deal
[7:04 PM] ™Darrk: They all assumed it would be 4vs <-- who?
[7:05 PM] ™Darrk: What four vs what 4?
[7:05 PM] TheBigOne: Darrk,hydro,ws
[7:05 PM] TheBigOne: Guess that’s 3?..
[7:05 PM] TheBigOne: Idk isn’t there a 4th somewhere lol
[7:05 PM] ™Darrk: I really have one Ally, and it is WS, I have cleared Hydro and Hellz from dozens of shares thoguth explo.
[7:07 PM] TheBigOne: I know this
[7:07 PM] TheBigOne: They don’t
[7:08 PM] ™Darrk: Rick takes x,x:x and Rick loses x,x:x
[7:08 PM] ™Darrk: Fuck it was the only thing happening in uni for the first 300 hours other then you vs Swagga

Also - you guys were the only “TRI” this round.
Everyone else had two allies.

You guys can’t read the uni ticker?


@HydroP @HellRaizeR You guys see this bullshit?

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I really like you and you are one of 4 players I have ever co-lead a family with, and we did awesome together.

All of that is true man. Hydro and Hellz beat the crap out of my spread in explo.
The reason they couldn’t get im my core, is the same reason you couldn’t.
I was portaled in pretty much every system.

There is no shade to be tossed around here.

@Leethal @MArcus11 @rizz Good luck, you guys are crazy saved.
It would have been more fun if your silly ally situation didn’t put you in such a bind.



I know they cleared you and all of that. It is just looking extremely fishy, with you guys sharing systems just outside our core, since early expo. Pretty coincidental that 12 decided to murder every chance of a fair fight as well I guess.

You guys are doing good and for sure did great during expo etc etc…
I’m just trying to look out for the game here. MW was thriving with competitiveness just a few rounds ago. Now it’s dead and boring.




Until you and I napped, I had zero shares with Hydro or Hellz.
My fam gained them all from Kingray’s fam, or explos.

They didn’t nap me until you about 2 days before you did.
You sure the shares are are my fam? :face_with_monocle:

If there is an issue with other fams being opportunists, that is between you and them. It’s go nothing to do with me.

I would way rather have a shot at beating you and The Elderly, but the ability to catch up in size was pretty much farmed away.

Why would I ever just had another family the size win like that?

Literally I would have had to fight Hydro while our war declare was ticking down.

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Lethal likes the lies. It is his way of inventing a new narrative.

10/17 cancelled on 14/08 while 12 was already fighting 17. Why should I be expected to just stop fighting? I was there first…17 went ahead and cancelled anyway and that is their own damn fault.

And the only reason 17 got taken as hard as they did is because their leader was a smartass and the fam refused to NAP.

17 created the problem here. Not 12…



@Darrk no idea whats going on this round tbh.
Ive lost interest a while ago and log in to aid is all.

Gluck mate, dont buy into the bs nor give bs time in the forums.