6608 vs 6611 EOR fun

Our NAP with Family #6611 have been cancelled. Attacks may resume in 72 turns.



Lol 08 war my fam two lets have some fun

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Or just wanna fight small fams fresh out of war all round?

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You mean like you fighting 6617 a 3 member fam is any better?

House took 38,36:10 from Deception.

Until yesterday my fam was a 3 member fam so we decided to fight 6611 because they only have 1 attacker but they have more players than us so it’s a fair fight.

And we have ONLY fought 1 fam this round coming out of a war and that was 6611, we napped 6617 exactly because they had just came out of a war.

The other fams we fought were not in a war so get facts straight.

to be fair… right when you cancelled i had just signed a Nap with 19. loll but hey, to each his own.

OK since 6613 decided to interfere with 6611-6608 little war I decided to Pnap 6608 for free and will war 6613 1vs1 instead

so 6608 and 6611 are Pnapped

plot twist

Fighting 17? Thats hardly a fight. I took a few spread planets he jumped and tried to mass clear me. I been portaled there for a week and have not once sent major attacks out or hit there infra lol

Didnt use just farm a bottom fam tho like last week?

No fam at all has been farmed by 6608, any and all farming has been by you guys but I dont complain because they wouldnt nap you guys but its still farming

My fam has not farmed anyone and has napped all small fams for free

We have done 0 farming lol except for 13 who refused to nap and kept hitting us . We have not asked for a high p cost all round for naps.
Whos complaining? I complained we naped your family for free ill be honest there haha
I just remember use going up 150p pretty quick like last week lol