62 and 64 vs 60

Number one family declaring war on last place family networth. Real smooth


62 also declared on 64, for the record.


They want to win size.
They are likely napped with all the other big fams, and the smaller fams are the only targets left.
All you can do is run retakes, hit them back, and study them!

They have an exploitable weakness, you just have to not lose your cool and figure it out.

Next round, I could just tell you what it is right here in the forum, but this round that would be cheating.

Gonna have to get your brain on.
Ask the peeps in your fam what they think it is.

Good luck.


absolutely disgraceful


I am with @WhiteShadow on this one, you don’t go farming the bottom fam to win a round desperately. We will all remember that.

@MTG_Dad Take note of this and mention it in IC radio? It’s worth the inclusion.


I don’t normally post about this sort of thing in the forums. But I did call them out yesterday on farming 70 from around 640 planets to 350 planets. There were multiple defenses thrown up and I admit that I do not have all the facts in the war.

The main defense thrown out was “We have only taken like 150” which was clearly untrue as even when the stats were posted it showed them going from 1300 to nearly 1600 in a matter of 48hrs roughly and that was all 70.

Now they are going to farm 60 to stay in the lead. My reality of what is happening here is that they seen how close they were to being able to win the round in size and decided to go ahead and farm their way to the finish. As 63 began to dominate 67 more and more, 62 realized that they would have to keep farming to win the round and so they went ahead and did it.

While I consider this style of play to be completely dishonorable/disgraceful, what really got me was how some rounds back Munder turned down a NAP offer I made him and called it a garbage offer when I told him I wanted a total gain of 20% of their fams planets. He made statements that taking anything over 15% would be considered dishonorable (of which I disagree. Back in the day 20% was normal and as high as 30% happened at times as well.).

But now we see Munder this round taking around 40% of a families planets to win size. The hypocrisy of it is what really annoys me. I have seen him (and frosty too) play the past year and it seems like their fams tend to have 2 strategies. Raid early in the round before people really have defenses or farm fams to try and take size win.

My opinion…its garbage play. They may end up taking the round in size and that will always be theirs to hold on to. But it will always have that damn asterisk whenever I see it. If you don’t earn the win the right way, you don’t deserve the win.


Have to agree with HydroP here. 6362 has also declared war on 6361, who are already on the last place in the size ranking. When they have to keep hitting the smallest players to win the round it’s a really sad and a good indication of what IC has become.

Well we were same size once i offered a free pnap when we fought you dident even bother to reply. T-521

Heya of Justin_Bieber (#6362)

Hello you can have a free pnap if interested

So now we are clearing systems for no naps but dont come and say we didnet try to nap you…

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When the .gif js just right! :ok_hand:


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So we took 40% of the planets from 70 in a cancel war with shares, it all happend in 36 hours. Even the game wont allow u undeclare war declaration, so seems even game was built so fams would war for atleast 48 hours.

Do u think you and your family will be ever able to gain 40% of enemy planets within 36 hours in a cancel war with SHARES??

And u say we are going to farm 60 now? As u can see, some other players have already replied that we did offer them pnap, for some reason they did not accept this.

We are clearing shares with 60, what if we dont clear them and they jump fleet eor and clear us from those shares and take our possible size win?

Why u say 63 started to dominate 67 more and more and then 62 realized that we have to keep farming to win?
We have been ahead of 63 since their war with 67 started i think, so if anyone realizing they need to keep up with gaining planets, its 63.

And u are talking about SOR war and now its EOR war, do u understand the difference?
Good u pointed that MW round out. after i didnt agree your demands and we got beat from 3v1, our family members stopped playing, therefore we couldnt attack aswell. We all stopped playing and in the end we lost 90% of the planets. I know it wasnt your fam who took all of those, but u certanly took like 70% of the planets, and now u whining we took 40%???
So do u admit u have been farming before aswell? If u do it(take even higher% of total planets, its more than okay) If your enemy(Me) is about to win u start whining?
@HydroP hypocrite

I always have to remind you what u have done, because everytime u or WS make forum thread, you seem to forget all of it.
Like i have said before, u guys have only left one thing - trashtalk.

**Now it gets even more interesting - u call me and my family a dishonorable/disgracful play? @HydroP @WhiteShadow **

U guys got blocked for making multi accounts 2 round ago. Did u forget that already?

Do u understand that u are THE last persons by far, to come here and tell others about dishonorable/disgraceful play?

u tried to cheat to win

Yet i my play is dishonorable/ discrafeful, REALLY?

I once told im not going to reply to WS posts/messages because that guy is patological liar. And you Hydrop, your facts are just wrong, constantly. So i dont really seem a point having a dicussion with players like you.

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You do see a point. Because i am right. Keep making your excuses bro.

You have been judged and found to be a slimeball.


Munder = n00b slime ball

62 has pretty much stopped their attacks on us, they took some planets so ease up on them. Kinda sorry I started this post.


Universal News

Vladimir_Putin took from [Mr_Hinx

Vladimir_Putin took from mr hinks

Guess I’m wrong, lol
Must have had to wait on morale.

Thats all your reply? So u ran out of arguments again… Like last time with u as WS, no arguments, then u start calling me names.

Not worth to talk to you.

Btw i wrote ealier today that u guys cheated 2 rounds ago, actually that was the time u just got caught. Not to mention those other rounds, right @HydroP :wink:

T-985 After a brave fight our family member OscarTheGrouch had to flee the planet planet x in the xx,xx system which was attacked by Mr_Hinx of family 6360.
T-985 After a brave fight our family member OscarTheGrouch had to flee the planet planet x in the xx,xx system which was attacked by Mr_Hinx of family 6360

Vladimir_Putin took from [Mr_Hinx

Vladimir_Putin took from mr hinks

I think we told u Spike that we are sorrythat we had to declare, it happend even before u made that thread and of course it doesnt cut it, i know its not nice, but it is what it is right now. Like i have told above, pnap was offered by one of our attackers, u guys chose not to accept it. We woulldnt allow shares with your family eor when being that close to size battle.

So i have nothing more to add.


Spike of Mr_Hinx (#6360)



Vladimirovits of Vladimir_Putin (#6362)

yea we wanted that last time but things still got out of hand somehow :frowning: i never wanted to hit u guys

yes we accept peace


Spike of Mr_Hinx (#6360)

Hello, what do you say? We are beatin by 2 familes, would like peace with yours.


Spike of Mr_Hinx (#6360)

Would like to have peace with your family.

Check with JB, he’s the one who messaged me the free nap, all I have to say on that.
My attacks are just retakes, since your family keeps attacking.[quote=“Spike, post:18, topic:4911, full:true”]
Check with JB, he’s the one who messaged me the free nap, all I have to say on that.
My attacks are just retakes, since your family keeps attacking.

Same thing over and over. Rest of the gal don’t like it don’t give naps out and do something about it.


The thing is, no one actually cares, it’s a chance to shit on someone lols, hard luck Spike but this is what the game has been like for close to a decade.