2020... It wasn't all bad

Yes, 2020 was an interesting year, but I want to know everything positive.

Let me know something or multiple positive things that happened to you in 2020!


I live in NZ, and we were not crazy


I love the outlook @TheBigOne. :muscle:

A challenging year yes, BUT:

  • I finally started my YouTube channel.
  • My dayjob situation changed. Less time to work on IC :ic_cry: but more stable income. :ic_smile:
  • I survived IC’s handful of mid-year disasters, and came out of it with a better understanding of my own limitations and shortcomings and where I need help to run things.
  • IC’s website code was open sourced.
  • We secured a contract with our first paid developer, who has been working on site code for awhile now.
  • I started a podcast that isn’t related to IC.
  • I fixed my sleep problems, lost a bunch of weight, and stopped having as frequent anxiety attacks.
  • I got engaged.
  • I packed for evacuation for Socal fires twice this year, but each time the fire stopped just short of us.
  • pbbg.com (my other main project) continues to grow and I keep meeting cool people who make and play games like IC.
  • IC is still alive.
  • I’m still alive.
  • You’re still alive.

Plenty of good news, I’d say!


Whew! What an exciting year you had! And that’s just the good stuff you can remember!

You didn’t even add the joy of not losing your Fitbit for a week :rofl:


Let’s see, I’m not one for talking too much on forums to the public, but a few good things this year:

-I survived working 14-18 hours a day between two jobs for a couple years straight. Was a bit of an adjustment as it had been a few years since I’ve done anything close to that since graduating with my masters ~6 years ago.

-volunteered to make equity kits to help our impoverished communities better protect themselves from covid.

-paid off all my outstanding loans (excluding student loans) including one big loan from a situation a couple years back.

-started dating my gf long distance which will be my future wife one day.

-crushing it in the crypto world.

-crushed it in the stock market thanks to Tesla options early in 2020.

-rejoined here as a banker with 2 weeks left in the round and ended up being a successful attacker with -30% attack bonus xD.

-Haven’t died from covid, although I am pretty sure I got it at the end of 2019/beginning of 2020.

-Been able to reconnect with some old friends and make mostly good memories with my family.

-Got an iphone 12 pro max with 512gb. Was about time that I upgraded from the worst phone ever created (iphone 7).

I’m sure there’s some other good things that happened, but that’s what I can think of on the top of my head.


That’s some fun good things, but keep it all positive!

Buying an Apple anything is always negative :smile:

However, I’ll let it slide, you did well, very well. So many hours working plus throwing in volunteering! Gluten for punishment


Stopped playing IC again and regained my life

Worked more so not playing IC didn’t really let me regain my life

Got COVID-19 just before Christmas so didn’t see anyone for 10 days, slept and had strange dreams/nightmares about Microsoft :stuck_out_tongue: …then went back to work!!

Decided to drop into forums and see what is happening in the world of IC :smiley:


Glad it sounds like the covids didn’t knock you down to hard exposed…

But we definitely need a way to play IC casually…


Honestly, 2020 was shit, been wracking my brain for days, and not really much good for me.

I will say that I did get my first win in IC, not sure how much good that counts for.

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You got to spend extra time with the kiddo, you still have a job you enjoy, you got to play a game with me, your podcast still had listeners.

You gotta find the little things, even if it’s just a dim bulb in the back of the room, you gotta find that little bit of sunshine.

Yes, you probably had about the worst year of anyone I know, but try to atlest find the small wins, 365 days, ones bound to be good, and make you smile :slight_smile:


Started a new job in January, which I really like! My GF started a new job in March which she struggled with at first, but now loves it!
Got back into Magic the Gathering, playing both casual, as competitive (when we’re not in full lockdown and it’s allowed :smiley:)
Been on ski-vacation in Jan before the COVID madness hit us, and a sweet holiday last summer to France, lucky me when it was still ok :smiley:


2020 was not that bad at all…it’s the little things that count.


To be honest, I think the rounds in 2020 were really memorable…got to play with some cool people more than once this year…maybe I’ll return to play sometime later in 2021 and hopefully have good memories again.

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