11030 out of order player

Guy wasted res and only is attacking someone in his fam…true coward who hides

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Just personal grudge. No hiding nor being a coward. Not you or any of your Fam (except for TBO) react to my message about one of your Fam members threatening my rl Fam members through In-game messages.
Imo you all knowing about but not doing anything about it make you agree with such kind of messages. I only use In-game mechanics to express that grudge,. Have everyone from last rounds veggies Fam on my list to keep expressing those feelings next few rounds.

Have a nice day

To be correct soul did say in chat such messages shouldn’t be sent. But drafts into same Fam playing along afterwards.

Why would you attack your own family? I thought families were meant to work together?

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Are we talking about sciv messages?

To be fair to me…I had no idea what family I was being drafted into, an had a oh shit moment when I saw who I was drafted into…but tried my best to shutdown that sort of thing

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Everyone in that Fam played with the message writer till eor :wink: but I didn’t want om to drag this to forum. Scorp decided to. I rest my case, I’ll just use my IC time to h(a) unt those that were veggies last round.

Would be making sense if we didn’t land in the same Fam.

I have no idea about the messages I never look at forums so really confused here…I didn’t play a part but being punished.

But if you want to do grudges you have one now…you better hide every round cause from now on your on my list…there are more than one way to skin a cat…

Creating a multi account is also against the rules to h(a)unt people you had a negative encounter with. Scrv is banned from #general for being drunk 50% of his awake time. Why hold a grudge against a whole fam for pm’s of a single person.

I was Tomato btw.

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Why do you accusé me of creating a multi account?

I think ordos was in the family as well.

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I think it would be better to forgive grudges rather than dragging them on.

I mean every round is a new start right, every round it could be a new enemy or new friend.

I sometimes have wars with people and end up thinking.

“Hey me at that enemy player would work really well together”

“Hey that guy is active and made some good moves, so landing in a family with them might be good”

Guess I forget grudges quick, to me each round is a new round.

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I share that vision under normal circumstances.

But if I get messages like this one below.

Rotten of Potato (#11020)


And an entire Fam keeps that player on board and choose willingly to keep cooperating Ith him/her/it. And thus agreeing on it being tolerable. The grudge get stretched beyond the round somehow.

And although they claim being drunken to be an excuse. Well if a drunken driver threatens other road users imho do not drink and play.

My family got the same kind of messages. Is that allowed in this game?

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No, it isn’t. We’re going to address this shortly.

Apologies for posting stuff that needed to be redacted.

But was easier to post the actual msg then to describe it.

No worries. I appreciate your patience with this issue, hoping to provide an update soon.

I didn’t see the message.


I do feel the game already has functions to handle this sort of stuff.

Like if memory serves you can:

A: Block a players messages in game.
B: Block a players messages and content on the forum.
C: Block a player on Discord.

That is a fair bit of blocking power put straight into the hands of the player.

In that case if you really don’t like someone or their messages then simply > HIT BLOCK.

That is what the feature is for.

Also just my personal opinion but…

I have played various round with sCriv and have always found him to be a fun and helpful player that has good activity levels.

I also know from experience that often he doesn’t even want to lead or handle diplomacy but he gets pressed ganged into it because no one else can be bothered.

I have been in at least 1 family where sCriv specifically said he doesn’t want to lead and everyone ended up voting him leader anyway.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying threats or nasty messages are okay, but we are playing a “Conflict” based game where tension can run high, so its to be expected.

I think if you blamed a player for getting angry / being rude / being tired / frustrated / having a meltdown / making mistakes then that would 99% of IC players getting blamed.

For example I can spit the dummy out of the pram in epic fashion!

Not really sure what Pie would address on this subject… Use the block button that is what its there for?

Sorry for my stupid messages .

Its a case of I get very drunk and then randomly send them out.
Half the time they dont even make sense. Certainly never personal, just generic stupid stuff.

Its easily dealt with by just ignoring them.

Ive now applocked myself from IC when i am drinking so i literally cant send them any more.
Applocker didnt work couple of nights ago.