10 vs 08/14 War Results!

Rank Family Networth Planets
1 #6610: Play nice [18,9] 24,547,150 675
2 #6614: Rick and Fucking Morty Bitches [27,74] 20,910,534 812
5 #6608: If you kill us, you kill Stan [1,80] 9,463,767 746

Events leading up to war:

  • 10 had two allies 17 and 11.
  • 14 & 08 have a Bi alliance.
  • 4 of the 5 families napped it up for 72 hours with an outline to discuss a future war.
  • With no one else to hit, 14/8 went after the unapped ally (Kingray, 11).
  • Hydro 12 starts beating the crap out 17 around the cancellation time.
  • Many shares are gained, but rendered totally useless.
  • 10 and 17 cancel their nap to help save 11.
  • To late and the damage is done, WS and Darrk nap Kingray.
  • Being mauled by 12 (and not wanting to give a nap?) 17 asks us for a nap.
  • WS and Darrk give 17 a nap, now a 2v1, with 4 total shares.

This leads us too.
10 vs 08/14 :smile:


@rizz offers a nap 12 hours before war start, most active players are American, with orders already sent out, and fleets building.
@Leethal Offers a nap 2 ticks before war, again to late to call it off.

War tick:
10 extremely well saved and prepared - clearly wins the jump contest. :trophy:

  • Kujer gets a (really fast) single fighter hit in, clears the 4 shares.
  • Lethal flips to Pax.
  • Rene gets off 5 storms.
  • Darrk makes it to work on time, and does nothing.

Tick 2:

  • The rest of 10’s fleet arrives.
  • Kuj takes an unportaled planet in the middle of the map.
  • A D-station check is done, yep there is a station there.
  • By mid tick everyone is just kinda sitting there realising that the fight is pretty much over.

Instead of tearing each other’s bankers apart with only tick shares a CF ensues.
End of war is announced.

Congratulations on the flawless win! 5p - 0p :trophy: #6610: Play nice :trophy:





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That was anticlimactic

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Sounds about right now we hope for the showdown for the top alliances :slight_smile:

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You all suck.

Maybe we can have the dream war I always wanted.
08 , 14 vs 12 , 19 vs 10 17

3 alliances enter only 1 alliance leaves.

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What about my alliance?

I wanna play :smiley:



Lets all delete and start MW70 already



Actually that’s so wrong

We started fighting 17 well before you guys made any moves on 11/10/17

When you got cancelled on by 17/11 we offered them a nap. At that point we had took 100 planets. A free nap no payment required.

We kept offering nap to which they kept on declining. They wanted to continue. So we did.

Another 100 planets later and a lot of dead fleet on there end. They gave up and accepted the nap.




It took you 12 days to gain 100p?


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good war guys :stuck_out_tongue:



It took you one hour to nap and lose a war?

No it wasn’t 12 days.

This is how it happened

Lee sends one mil ground to 17s core to portal up.
Whilst lees portalling, 14 and 08 start attacks on 11
When lees portals are ready they instantly pmode one banker.

17 and 10 then cancel on 14/08

Lee and hydrop offer nap to 17 to help there allies. They decline

Lee and hydrop and Ploddy pmode another banker. Then offer nap again it’s refused.

We then cpff the attackers to kingdom come. Then hell be done. Then they agree to nap.

This is not 6612s fault. We had plans in the pipeline way before you got cancled on that’s my point.

And yeh In total it was about 250 planets we took some got retaken. We kinda took it easy. We didn’t want to take that many. We tried to diplo on day one. When naps being refused and there still retaking. What do you do. You carry on

You can talk as much shit and lies as you like but these are the pure facts and hydrop will confirm. We have timestamped convos with riz where he’s not even cancelled yet and we was always fighting 17.

Trust me when I say, I get it. Your egos damaged. You’ve took a loss on the chin. A big loss. You may not have lost your infra but you did that as you knew you would have to fight us at some point.

Let it be known I will not let you off lightly like 6610 did. So please try be careful how much shit and lies you post. As it’ll just annoy me and I’ll return it to you later.

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Lol, I don’t “shit lies”,
I simply didn’t know your whole story.

Being incorrect it not a big deal for me, there is a lot of perspective in the game.
As for this being a giant loss to my chin…

Lol, I will take losing 5p in a loss to a bunch of good players and old and new friends any day.

Lighten up @Leeeeee, if @HydroP saw I said something incorrect - he would just correct me, not blow a hate nut (or whatever you call that diatribe).


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No because it’s like that ur trying to spin smoke and mirrors, making out 6612 had some kind of hand in your failing. Or that we farmed or played dirty.

It really pisses me off.

If you don’t know they facts. Then just don’t say anything man it’s pretty simple.

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You are reading it that way.

Context broski.
That question mark puts it all on them.

Not you guys.


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No that question mark implies they didn’t want to give up. Nothing more. You stated them being farmed to snot. Implying 6612
Was guilty of that since early we was the only ones fighting them.

I will not let anyone take shit out of context. You posted shit that ain’t true. I corrected you.

You have a habit of bossing people in uni with ur long posts. But I won’t let you do that to me or 6612.

So as I’ve corrected you I have nothing else to say now

Congrats to 6610 you was under estimated and you really pulled that shit off.

6614 good luck.



Lol, oki @Leeeeee, not sure anyone else would read it that way, but you get your say too.

Thanks for clearing it up.


I even changed the wordy words so you don’t have to blow another hate nut tiger. :tiger:




Things blew up in here! Well done to everyone involved in the war!



I think it calmed down?



You 2 are like an old married couple it makes me sick



@Jets Lol.

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