10,17 vs 14,08

Gonna be fun…

Foreign Relations

[Our relations with Family #6610 have been broken. Attacks and offensive operations may resume in 71 weeks.

Our relations with Family #6617 have been broken. Attacks and offensive operations may resume in 71 weeks.


Don’t know why 17 cancelled on you when we are already at war with them been fighting for two days watching them crash there fleets over and over to laser traps had been entertaining.

Makes zero sense to me that.

They crashed there fleets so many times to figs and lasers and now we are portalled they thought they could cancel on you and ask me and hydrop for a CF purposefully to avoid the beat down that’s coming.

Hate that. Makes me wanna kill them more then I already did

So you can include 12 v 17 in that.

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Yea not too bright of 17, I feel confident they will be dead by you guys long before Monday war time, it could’ve been better time for me too since I am off 3 days in a row to do really bad things to them.

Neither fam has shares with us yet we have shares with them.

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Good luck guys


Impressive amount of not bitching @rizz , others should learn from you.

+3 Respect points.

Good luck! =)

Hey it’s a game no need to get pissed 3 rounds back sol hit me for 150 planets and I told him good job. Let’s have some fun boys


Yea gl all fams if we lose we lose :slight_smile: but this IA shit makes it so there is max 2 wars per round in the galaxy and all other attacks are like farming, does anyone really think its good for this game?

I mean so long in the round and this is the first war? And if we lose there is like 1 war left if other topfams even wanna fight each other.

Really hard to keep motivation upp as attacker^^ And thats sad i really enjoyed coming back to this game but seen a downwards trend with IA.


Oh Hydro and I are gonna dance for eor, you betchoor flappy doodles on that.


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If Darrk wants to win size he has 2 options:

1 - Become a farmer
2 - Fight me

Which you think he is gonna pick? :stuck_out_tongue:


Option 3

/dances with darrk.

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Good luck to all families involved.

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Think of it this way if there were no allies how many wars would of been fought would of been a ton this round

It’s like a box of chocolates you never know when you open it and grab one out if it’s an ally or a fake ally just be glad you get a box

Oh and Orbit, I mean Mangoza lol we know who you really are and your noob play this round is hilarious

Option 1 which he is doing :joy::joy:

Lol. Joe ain’t playing. You too paranoid

That is an interesting question.

  1. I think the two obvious multis would have teamed up with your family of nap breakers from last round.
  2. Teams of two families would have banded together to clear their cores to prevent from you 3v1 explo fighting everyone.
  3. The top two family teams would have been able to beat you guys out of their cores 2v3.
  4. One fam would have made deals with everyone to keep everyone out of their cores, and have a shot at finishing top 5 because of good diplo. (Ordos).
  5. Jets would (as always) make uni more fun.

Oh wait, that is exactly what did happen.

:fu:t2: :innocent: :fu:t2:

Number 4 is true. He even cleared me and I am allied to the guy.

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GL to everyone! But as Kujjer mentioned. Is the game progressing the way we want it to?

Oh and Darrk, didn’t you break NAP last round as well? :kissing_heart:

You guys (mostly you and WS) are btw too damn paranoid. Orbit is not playing and most of us have no idea what is happening.

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For those of you who can not grasp basic English…being paranoid suggests fear.

If Orbit were to be in 17, it would be fear motivating people, it would be glee.

So do try to come up with a more accurate word imstead of “paranoid”.

Ok, how nice of you to come and correct us :grinning:
I imagine you all chatting along with glee about the possibility of Orbit playing. What a lovely sight it must have been. Your 4 family army would have destroyed him with ease.
Was that better master Hydro?

The question still remains. How do we try to move on, act as grown ups, and build a better game for everyone?