1 minute ticks copy cat

To incentivize signing up for patron to help the server here is my idea.

It is possible to copy a Galaxy that is currently running, at the end of milky way move it to a one minute tick server an allow patrons to play in there families for let’s say 3 days an postpone signups while this is happening for the next round of milky way, put signups in a queue. Not sure if that game setting could be changed to hardcore but wouldn’t matter to much with 1 minute tick. I know I had fun last round hehe


Has something like this happened before? o.O =o

Yes it was just me though

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I found this while looking for a different thread, but this may touch on some upcoming work so I’d like to revisit some brainstorming here.

@Soull I like the general idea here. I think it could be expanded as a regular (as in, non-Patreon) feature for when we bring back custom galaxies. The flow could look something like:

Player creates new galaxy and chooses:

  • Map:

    • Random (how it is now)

    • Player-designed

    • Previous Round (what you’re describing) based on a previous round’s map

  • Game state:

    • Empty (how it is now)

    • Random distribution (x% of planets can be assigned to players equally in a random fashion)

    • Previous round at tick x (what you’re describing, a continuation of the previous round)

This has some overlap with some other ideas, but this breakdown should also provide what you’re describing: a post-round “flash battle” while people wait for the next round.

However, it could also just allow players the means to retry a round from a previous state. That probably doesn’t make as much sense with the current 1-hour tick, but it could be useful in the 1-minute tick games if players want to retry different scenarios based off of different mid-round points.

I need to break this into smaller chunks of work, but this will definitely be on my mind for the new galaxy creator feature.