1 fig to check DS/portal

Make investigate portal and sence defence system cheaper and morally cheaper.

They are just useless when a fighter with fraction cost and morale cost does the job.
Send at least 10% of your total force before you can “see” a portal/defence system.

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Totally agree DS should be seen with less than 30% forces

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I respectfully disagree.

If you take SDS in your fams op compliment, you can have your Opper (who should be carrying an effective small op fleet) find those suckers durning war planning.

Gets the Opper more involved in a family (and if training a new one, gets them basically familiar with op casting - therefor increasing their speed for crunchtime, and general awareness of the game).

Don’t know about you but - I prefer knowing beforehand, and not waste morale during the first tick of a war.

I would rather be trying hit my opponents fighters.

Its cheaper to send a fig and do 2 ops in one. And u have more morale and cash/octa after action.

You can disagree on the tactic. But not the fact.

SDS’s can be completed long before the fist tick.

@Zeraph thats why some of us would move the DS afew ticks before war to a system close by where it is intended, so the n00bs who only pre check might get a surprise :slight_smile:

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For every tactic, there is a counter.


Your agent network allows you to send out agents to disrupt enemy activities. An agent action would currently cost us 1,260,283 Gold. You have 229,030 agents available.

5 morale

1 fig

  • Travel Time: 5 Weeks
  • Travel Cost: 78,617 Gold
  • Morale Cost: 1.35%

can check 17 systems for the price of 1 op
not to mention the amount of agents you loose for failed opp, double ball smack for the loss when factoring in the loss in your own defence for failing attemt.

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You cannot do a fighter run DS check with a napped family.

You can SDS with the op.


In most cases I would prefer the Opper to use SDS, than to use an attacker’s morale during the fist tick of the war.

Not sure how that is an agumentable point.

But you have trolls jumping in to a perfectly simple and normal discussion so not sure if you are just proving you are “with them” or you have a point that other then you prefer to have your attacker using morale to test for SDS.

I mean that itself is a good tactic.

I like the Op, nealy always take it in a family op compliment, and use it most every round.

When it is a distance attack, sending a micro fleet and your real fleet if you trigger the micro fleet and find the DS… gratz, your main fleet now can’t land, and could have been doing something else for the time it was flying.

That op is why I have ever only run over a DS with the intent to break it.

I am allowed to extol the virtue of an op that has a place, I use often, and gives another player something to do.

Cost to me is negligent compared to the other advantages of the op.

Point is to make that certain op cheaper and moraly cheaper


Make it impossible to find out with 1 fighter if the planet is portaled or has a DS.

The game dynamic should be shiftet to use DS more, use opps more an have more vital players in the family.

Atm if a family lack those two opps its not a problem, and it should be a problem. I bet if Pie had statistics of how many times those opps are used its pretty slim.

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I agree with some of that for sure.
Disagree or would like more understanding on a bit more.

Will post in a bit.

Lol, you know when you move one item and a 1/2 an hour later you are using a broom handle to measure out where the bed could be moved to?

I am like a full hour in, and my PC is in chunks.


are you redecorating your bedroom, than suddenly you started taking your computer apart?

i wish i could heart my own posts sometimes … :smiley:

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yet people still hit DS every round…