Worst SN start

Worst SN start is a little harder to be sure of than the best. There are so many options. Here is one of the lower end starts but not technically the worst (click bait titles and all).

Tick 1 -
Do not cast SA
Build 8 additional eships (total: 108)
Build 250 CF
Disband all fleet (not eships)
No science (literally the opposite to LG)
Send out all eships (to not have the same cash decay as other players will get (a lot of non organised and semi organised players will do this)

Tick 2 -
0 and 1 tick planets hit
Build 1 iron planet and 1 endu planet to FB
If leftover materials make HF

Tick 5 -
CF hit and you produce about 1.2-1.3k cash (Minus current cash delay)

Tick 6 -
Send final 8 eships

Literally the shittest Day1 that I could think of.
Also you have to hope you don’t explore with someone else because it has come to my attention that people double send. (In case you were wondering, they use old map to bypass one per family send).

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Probably a lot more I could have added but having time shortages at the minute.

not SN!!! MW!!!

Wait, MW is coming back on? Shit haha. I thought I was already playing it.

^joke btw. The reason our family is sucking is because I literally only see my family for 6 hours of the day and when I wake up in the morning, they have just gone to sleep an hour before.

But either way, I have only been talking about SN on discourse

Go camaar and Dump 1 mill gc in science. I don’t think you can do worse than that.

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