Worried about Infinitum

No offense @I_like_pie but I am worried about this quick roll out of Infinitum. At this point it appears it will progress as a normal galaxy for quite a while as new alliance structure, attack formula, map fog, tick slowdown, et al. are all unready (as far as I am aware).

With the number of players signed up already, the galaxy will see attacking happen within the first 10 days, and may be nearly completely explored within four to six weeks. That is not much time to get new features coded and validated through play in Test v2. Being a never-ending galaxy I feel that starting it now is risky from a player’s standpoint. Old timers will see it as just more of the same and retire once again. New players will be subjected to rules that change numerous times, making them feel like it is an unfinished Alpha release.

I hope I am wrong. Time will tell.

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Good points. This one in particular though:

We should expect that as a given. The nature of the galaxy will mean that any new features will always change things up, especially given no restarts.

I did want to get some of those features ready in time, but it wasn’t meant to be. It’s a bit more business-minded than I’d prefer to be, but we’ve been talking about Infinitum since 2017. We gotta get moving, even if the features have to play catch up.

The positive in this is that with the galaxy active it will increase pressure on me to deliver. A few other things have worked out this way too, so it’s not all bad. Not all good either, but we gotta adapt with the available dev time I have.

The Ancient Ones loved being in the Alpha and Beta rounds figuring out how to game actually worked, but that group was obsessed with uncovering the mathematics that made the game tick – the attack, income and NW formulas and more – but on the downside was the continual debugging and changes that led to numerous crashes and rollbacks. It is a balancing act and you are only one person.

I’m only one person, but not the only person! :smiley: :smiley: You guys are gonna help a ton, even this thread is getting it more in my head that I need to be extra mindful of Infinitum’s early days.

I do have my mind pretty focused on risk mitigation though. For example, modular changes that can be turned on and off per galaxy will save us a LOT of pain. That, and the test galaxy that’s gonna put any changes through the ringer.

The original IC had none of that. Hell, we didn’t have most of that even 3 years ago. I don’t intend to repeat Stefan’s mistakes there. Too disruptive. :grimacing:

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Perhaps prioritize changes based on their ability to change the pace of gameplay early on. There are ways to slow down the exploration stages, such as delaying the market, changing the tick rate or slowing down construction and fleet speed, instituting map fog, et al.

The attack formula and new alliance structures are important and over the long term will be the most beneficial, but are they the most necessary in the opening stage of the new galaxy?

Delaying the market wouldn’t be too bad. The rest though are all pretty complicated though, I couldn’t say for sure that they’d be any less work than attack or alliances.

They key thing for me is this one:

We’re going to need some kind of mechanism to deal with this eventually. Even if it takes 2 years from now, if the galaxy fills up entirely that will be bad.

We need some kind of way to either offset that (galaxy expansion) or have players naturally fall a bit under their own weight. Even galactic events could help.

The point’s the same regardless though, slowing down the inevitable is a short term fix. We should confront and change the inevitable.

Having played in the two Test galaxies, the market has been basically nonexistent and honestly I have not missed it all so far. That is not necessarily the same case as the player count rises. Where that threshold is crossed though is unknown to me.

As the player numbers keep rising, any reconsideration of the 300x300 grid or numbers of systems and planets? Might we have a variation of the Donut’s planetary expansion from MW1?

I’d love to do so eventually, but adjusting the map after the setup isn’t supported atm.

Fair enough. As a never-ending galaxy a max of 200 families may eventually be limiting.

Based on the opening player count, 22 DAYS is the minimum it will take for every planet to be explored within Infinitum.

Clock is ticking.

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Yeah even if half the players are active its going to fill up in the next few months.

In order to last forever, will need to either keep adding more space/systems or some sort of reset mechanic.
We also need Goals.

I think a reset mechanic is going to be needed otherwise you also need to think about how people will manage 1000+ planets etc on mobile.
But a reset mechanic needs to have be tied into a reward system. or it feels like a punishment for doing well.

Possible mechanic:

  1. Every X months the top X% of players are reset back to home system, they get some sorta victory point (possible goal).

  2. Instead of making this a forced thing you make it something you buy, ie save X bil gc + other resources, then you buy advancement where you get a victory point and are reset to home system.

  3. Create X number of systems around the map that you need to control for X period of time, if you do you get the victory point and get reset.

Goals, some sorta points/alternative advancement system.

You could add some sorta stacking bonus say X% increase in one or all of income/resources/military/science/speed that gets increased each time you are reset.

This provides some sorta compensation and alternative advancement (goal) for players being reset, but not sure how to balance this for the very long term.

Also need to consider this works with alliances.

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basically a Prestige system like in Call of Duty. had not thought of that before, but is intriguing.

Join the top Alliance or eventually be forced to bend the knee to it. Hi, I did see this coming btw. :wink:

Yes, as did everybody else. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s pretty obvious that peeps will form big alliances, hence the discussions here to figure out how to balance them. :slight_smile:

So @Luke_Skywalker, any ideas you wanna share?

Yep, if you can’t beat them, join them. :joy:

I’m already feeling like 300x300 is too small a playground.

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The appearance of two large alliances is a bit disappointing. Pretty obvious already that ALL planets will be explored and that core strategy will once again be the norm. Not sure how it can become the training galaxy if the status quo continues.

Slowing down everyone’s expansion is going to be key. Almost beginning to think that treating it more like a survival galaxy may be a winning strategy. Give it a Fortnite feel in a way. Players band together not to dominate other players, but merely to survive against a chaotic onslaught of NPC raids and devastating galactic events.

The training aspect will mostly limited to Planet-Size Protection Threshold, which will provide a Virgo-like experience.

NPC is a cool idea, but will take awhile to get on the roadmap even.

Galactic Events though, yes! I’ve been thinking of using Planet Secession in some fashion within a galactic event.

I think in general though, GEs are gonna be key to keep things fresh. Are you thinking of any kind of event types in particular?

That is the $1,000,000 Question! What slows down the largest players while allowing the small fries to continue to grow?

For the purpose of training newbies, I briefly thought there should be designated systems left empty, protected from exploring by other players above a certain planet count. Of course, that would not work. A top player would simply give/loan planets out to another in order to drop low enough to explore those systems.

Market strikes have some value in slowing down expansion, but the more skilled players already are adept at SS gameplay. So while exploration may be stifled a bit, a market strike likely benefits the top players. Kind of like when rich people give away millions of dollars to charities, but somehow end up ‘making more’ through savings on taxes and such.