Why IC is ruined

Guys like 7698 is why this game is ruined , trying to farm planets from a family they are twice the size of , i said it last round and i’ll say it this round
PROTECT the families that are way smaller…its all well and good for top families to draft and get into the same 1 as their mates but new comers or even some returning veterans land families with barely any active players
This round i have 1 other active player who joined late so what chance do you have? especially when a top ranked fam comes to farm you…
You could even remove the drafting feature so all the active players are more evenly spread, also that way its not the same people having the same alliances. It would spread them out and they cant NAP the whole galaxy they would have to fight each other eventually

This round only had one draft spot for families I think. Despite that there were a few alliances that happened because these veteran players were split apart. Yes I will admit that its frustrating as a bottom fam when someone whos in the top 5 swoops in farms you and then asks for a nap after with no repercussions.

Unfortunately it’s not just your family being affected by this seeing as there is a family 89 with one active player who is now being backed by 96 after they threatened to farm them (funny innit).
Family 93 is only two active players as well. Family 92 is another with low active players after some internal strife.

Just gotta appreciate rounds for what they are. Usually what goes on is more interesting than rankings anyways

This round, Andro 51, I built fam 92 into a top fam. At rank 3 I warred the second ranked family #91 Bar Code. They were bottom feeding on 94 and snatching planets from 92 as well.
As it turns out my usually reliable banker had to go MIA due to illness. Soo what happened is the rest of the fam panicked & Mutinied.
But my point is this: Swagga does not usually attack smaller fams. There’s no glory nor honor in it. It’s too easy.
I think Family Leaders should set the example for their families and take responsibility for what their family does and does not do.

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Snatching planets from 92 lol we cleared 2 planets from you which was close/in our core and you then raided our banker because of it oh and you were above us in the rankings lol the only thing you done was turn 92 from a 2nd ranked team into a 2 man 6th ranking team

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If is ruined because of a few people I’ve named .

Yes. I raided you for you taking 4 of our full built planets. We had 15k more infra than you and close in planets also. We were both top 5 fams so fair is fair. I never said anything about when I read 91s infils and saw they had fleets hoving us for a raid.
So when I saw that, plus added your previous attacks, yes I raided you.
Now the only problem with that is one of my Bankers got sick & went MIA.
So I couldn’t press my attacks to clear 91.
My point is Top Fams should fight Top Fams- Not Bottom Feed on Fams 6 Ranks below them.