Why Have You Killed IC?

So then we get that a smaller fam can infiltrate a larger families core, without the large fam able to do anything about that until the smaller fam(s) gangbang them to obilivion?
Yea we’ve seen that happen in the past when they tried out a hard cap attack limit.

This isn’t as easy as introducing a single measure and fix.

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The biggest issue with this game as an absolute whole is:

Your overall propensity for success is directly linked to activity. And not just day-to-day activity; but the ability to be active day-to-day for the entire length of the round.

I would hazard a guess that the families who perform best round after round are the same groups of people that simply can be active all hours, for the entire round. For others, start well and take a few days holiday or have a crazy few days at work or your kid gets sick or anything like that and… that could effectively be your round over.

The danger with this, is that nobody new wants to play a game in which they need to be on the game for large amounts of time every day for the entire 4-6 weeks of a round. Which other game requires you to do this in order to be successful… in an age of short attention spans derived from social media and TikTok?

I guess this would be a prime example for myself; I came back to play the game in March 2020; when the UK went into lockdown for the first time and I was made to work from home throughout the pandemic. We weren’t allowed to leave the house so what else could I do but play games. Now the real world has returned, it’s nigh on impossible to be active to the levels that win you rounds.

This won’t be the case for some people who can seemingly operate on zero sleep, logging in on their phone in their office toilets etc; but for the majority - they will fall behind and become these smaller fams that the more active people prey on. Naturally. Turn based games on people’s phones are comparible in terms of game play, but you can put that down and return to it and you haven’t lost everything or got real-life angry people at you for not aiding or attacking or whatever.

It feels like for IC to become appealing to the masses again; it needs a radical transformation to something that somehow fixes the link (or reduces it) between activity and success. Admittedly, I don’t know what that is.

Alternatively, things stay as they are, the player base diminishes further and you end up with 20-30 people who can be active the majority of the time and they play each other until Pie gets sick of paying for a game to run with only a tiny number of people.

I fear that’s the overarching state of affairs as I see them. But if other people think that there are better solutions I am happy to lend my expertise in what I know, to try and help fix things.


That was definitely a 300iq move, a couple of families got that message, the self-proclaimed balancers got their ass kicked shortly after and are no longer playing by the looks of it.

Bit arrogant of a 10th rank fam to think they can take on 5 bigger fams at the same time.


This is probably the easiest game to make bigger and better, and who cares about a few Chinese players :joy:

I played this nice game for years and my tiny home town village has 100 times more people than have ever been online here… hell… I’ll bet there are more 90 year old grandparents in diapers playing with Lego’s than there are nerds like me playing IC.

But in all honesty, it could do with a coder and some updates🤣

I feel like we should disable drafts more often. Not all the time, because the friendships and relationships we build should be fostered by playing together. But there should be rounds where you are completely with whoever you end up with. Some of the larger families are groups of people who play together nearly round after round. They know each other. They work for each other. It’s not as easy when you aren’t handpicked by your family because of familiarity. Ability truly takes over at that point. My best rounds are the ones that have been totally random.