Why can't I re-use a race name?

I have tried to get rid of about 6 past races but keeps telling me they are in use even tho clearly they are not

You cannot delete a race unfortunately. I sometimes have a similar issue where is says this race is in use and cannot be disabled or used so i just make another. I now have about 30

Yeah, this isn’t ideal.

We don’t actually want to delete races though, because they have historical value. However, we can/should fix these byproducts.

I’ve added a #roadmap:to-do item to Improve handling of old races.

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Trying to get rid of races? yikes …

Race names are unique across the game, so a specific name can only be used once.

This is intended to change so that they are unique only to a specific round, which would allow a race name to be re-used.