Who is Sextans?


…who cares, mind your own damn biz. If you don’t know anything about me yet then you should stay in your bubble… Have a nice day.

oh and I’m sorry I got my brother justdoit. Into the game, it was a sad day in IC…should i say worse than the big crash?


Such a good post! The best I’ve seen so far!


Are you saying that sarcastically or you jealous that i can keep the tweakers away?


Gathering of Tweakers:


Sextans… That’s not nice. I don’t want to stay in my bubble, please let me in your bubble :p.

You have posted in chat, but can you say what you do here again? It was design of some type, I just can’t remember!

Also, nothing is worse then the big crash!




That’s awesome, how long have you been doing that?


hides because does not like going to trade shows