Who is rizzy

Only the greatest player to ever grace this game with their presence. Nah ive been around since the round of the big crash think it was 2003. I’ve always gone by rizzy, and I’m kinda embarrassed to tell everyone how I came up with this name I was trying to think of a name and i was into pokemon at the time and rizzy is short for rizardon which means charizard in Japanese.

Im not good with names of families or exact year of which family i was in so i’m just gonna name players i played with that ment a lot to me.

My first round the round of the big crash was i believe triangulum and it was in icer’s family I learned a lot from him but i think I annoyed him more than anything. After that i moved to mw were i joined TNT and bahamut and learned how to attack from TNT which he was surprised how i caught on so fast and ended up being the second attacker behind TNT. So here is were time becomes fuzzy the next major round i can remember is playing with PP and kagar for I believe 5 rounds in a row, i will say PP might be the best player i played with the guy is a huge asshole but he knows what he is doing, the first round i played with them is the first round i ever banked and ended up winning best banker of the round, the very next round i was told to play banker again but last second I switched to attacker which ended up saving the round cause half way through the round kagar had rl issues and had to finish the round off being inactive so i ended up becoming the main attacker and winning attacker of the round, the next 3 rounds i attacked in PP’s families. Now is were time gets really fuzzy but I think this is when me and bahamut made a family 3 rounds in a row and a player by the name of ICD randomed in and we won 2 outta 3 rounds the 1 round we lost was to pp and kagar which we finished 3rd. Next major round I can remember is when I randomed in capricorn and landed with WS, torqez, kt, lexuzis, H4e, and some others I can’t remember, we were the famous black people family and i went by malcom x that round was my second favorite round of all time I remember everyone wanting me to play small camaar but I refused and ended up winning attacker of the round, all the rest of the attackers ended up playing inactivly so about 3/4 of the way through the round all the attackers passed me all of their morale planets and I had 37 morale so you can imagine how much fun I had attacking that round, if I can find the stuff in my old computer I will put a link of the successful attacks by everyone in the family but i ended up with 3363 planets gained that round, we ended up setting the record for capricorn with over 7k planets kt by herself had over 1500 planets and we beat the second place family which was our ally parrots family by 2500 planets and beat the 3rd place family by 3200 planets. I could keep going but I would be at this for hours so i’m gonna finish with my all time favorite round.

Ive won my fair share of rounds but my all time favorite round was in saggy d were i pissed off everyone in forces of will when i drafted myself in without asking, it was the round of FoW vs anzac and we got our butts whooped but me and @TheBigOne put up one hell of a fight when we knew we were gonna get dominated, me and tbo set up so many traps on them and made them crash so much fleet. I’m super proud how me and tbo didn’t give up when most of our tri alliance quit before the war even started so thanks tbo for playing in my all time favorite round.

I know my grammar is horrible so please don’t bash too much on me and I’m sure my predictive text messed up a lot here but i don’t want to go back and fix everything

Signed rizzy



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