Who is Darrk?


Player name:

It’s true! :astonished:
I never used to capitalize my name! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Now you have to if you want it all to be uniform. :rage:

First round:
Beta 2.

Nick name:
“Umbri’s Brat”


Oddest fact:
I met my wife of 10 years playing IC. - Retired former #general ops, and forum mod “Marie”

4-2 Lifetime against the Munchers.
Killed the Borg out of the game in one round at the apex of their power.
5x pre Round 20 MW wins.
2x pre Round 20 MW leader wins.
Channel owner irc “#death” from Round 3 to Round 22.
First “Negative” player to earn “Trans-Cosmic Proctologist” in the forums.
Big bad mother fucking bully of Draco 1.
Scored over 10,000 planets in attacks.
17 fighter runs in 120 seconds, in live combat ( Armada vs The Munchers )– witnessed by many.
The only player to reach “Universal Legend” TWICE in the forums.

Notable Families:
Bringers of Death: – 10 rounds. 5 as VL, 2 as Co-leader, 2 as leader.
Armada: – Two rounds.
Yours Truly: – 1 round.
Penguins: 4x rounds
Futurama: 1x round
Free Your Mind: 1x round
Theme Theme: 1x round
Seven Deadly Sins: 1x round
Simply Us: 1x round

Biggest fail:
Muppet Family

Height of IC power:
Draco 1
MW 4 through MW 22.

Best round:
4 Sexy Darrk -Darrklingz v18.3Um - 112p - 28,563,114NW Milky Way, Round 13. Solo, SS round.

Claim to fame:
Possible the most accomplished SS player in the game’s history.
One of the very few historically notable players to have had MW wins during the game’s Golden, Silver, and Modern era.
Tipping one out with @HellRaizeR and @I_like_pie, and a few others (you know who you are, so do I - you hiding little snots :heart_eyes: ).

Favorite rival:
TMK (The Middle Kingdom) - It was awesome when another great resourcer rose to power, I had to compete on the market so much more.

Biggest Rival:
TnT / The IC Munchers
6 Fights against them. 4-2 Record. (Lol, yeah I said it twice :innocent: )
Dozens of fights against their minions.
The diplo, the econ, the fucking reach of their influence was breathtaking.

“If the greatest leaders playground drafted I would not be one of them. HOWEVER - I sure the fuck would NOT make it out of the 1st round once they started picking players.” :sunglasses:

Some people will read this and get all assblasted and salty because they do not rate.
Not my fucking problem.

I am an ancient, resourceful, effective, and exceedingly accomplished stitch in the fabric of our game’s history.

It ain’t braggin’ motherfucker if you back it up.




:revolving_hearts: to all.

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Having said all that!

Leaders who I have won MW rounds under:

Co-leaders (First and second place wins):
@Ved :champagne:

Memorable allies:
Warsong / HAOD (like 6 damn times)
@dRaGoN_sUp / aNzAc
@I_like_pie / f00hans
Playboy Penguin / M00lar

No one does it alone.


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The middle kingdom. That brings up some memories!

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TMK was a cool guy. Did I never stomp on you Darrk my man? Jst kidding you guys were good players :+1:

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I actually am not sure if we ever fought!
I know your win with the player named “Or1on” ( @Orion , same guy?) we didn’t fight. But you and O were in #death the night we came away with the win (the war) against 100% Originals giving you guys the size win. :innocent:

If we did after MW 13 it would have been in a TRI war, but I don’t think we were ever the fams with the most shares.

If it was pre 13 - It would have likely been us smoking you under Umbri’s air, or you being with / part of The Munchers gang and out econing our brains out.

Possibly when I was brought in to lead attack for big fams?
Armada, Yours Truly, ect?

Would need help with specifics - if you remember do tell! :nerd_face:

Right? :smiley:



That’s interesting you should mention that. The only time I remember ever having faced a family related to you guys was maybe round 8 or 9 I guess when AYB fought spooky and sup’s fam. Other than that I don’t remember even grabs or anything. That’s curious, and odd, lol.

Or1on was actually Impire that other round, I was 0rion. That was the one and only time Impire, TNT and myself ever played in the same family. We called ourselves the Stars of the Milky Way :stuck_out_tongue: and yes we did win that round although I had a bit of an inactive stretch at the end.

Another funny episode, MW round 5 I was leading the GoDs and were not napped. Daywalker and I kinda crept up on BoD and would have gone wild on Umbringer and the rest, but we were allied to Impire who probably read something about it in passing in chat and got a tri nap as quickly as his feet could take him lol. He saved your butts that round, and I’m not saying this as a knock as I know Umbringer was a top attacker at the time. It’s just one of those things.

Good times :slightly_smiling_face:

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O man!
Where to start! :smiley:

Just gonna reserve this spot to fill in.

Lol, I know Imps was Or1on. <3
You dont think it was a coincidence that you had auto OP in #death @ 3:45 AM EoR night do you?

Lol all the great players had it.
Imps had to prove it was him before I would give his new name Ops.



I never joined any chatrooms at 3:45am! That’s slanderous!

I have a very vague recollection of wondering why the heck I had op in #death though. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I dont remember what I did last round you mind 15-20 years ago. Im very jelous of your memory!



Alrighty a quick unpack. =)

Impire (I know you ran with him a good bit) was a Bringer, he was Malorean’s banker understudy for pop banking, just like I was Umbri’s attacker toy.

Malo, AFC, Um, and Minuz called us “the twins”.

In Beta 3 and 4 the Bringers were:

Malorean (in his last round, really went inactive by mid-4)
Minuz 1 (the only VL) formerly “Furious Wolves”.
Nala / BoO
One crazy noob ass darrky. (So not much has changed on that front).

Round 5 I was out.
I did Draco 1-2, so that would have been MW 3-4, I moved from Baton Rouge to Cincy round 5 - and got back in as Umbri’s only VL (round 6), and the round after (7) he started splitting leadership with me.

I would have missed anything round 5, I was just loafing at the bottom of the fam, kinda recouping from the madness of the initial Draco rounds.

Imps was with me in Draco 1 (Malo and Um didn’t play) and we kinda filled their shoes as the Bringer contingent (and did it justice to be sure) Chill, Nala, Solus, ManOwaR, Imprie, and 'ole darrky.

I know that Imps was using our standing in Draco 1 as leverage against fams in the MW, tho I don’t know the specifics - so we killed him out of the family. Needless to say, we never played together again.

It would make sense that he would NAP Umbri any chance he got.
Um was always crazy attacker heavy, plus Nala.
Also, Bringer naps were as good as TnT naps.
Always honor.

Here is when it gets tricky:

  1. I had no clue that TnT was In Milky Way Stars! :astonished: That is awesome.
  2. I was the one that put half a day’s family earnings into a laser trap right on the map wrap.
  3. I then took 40 blanks off Opti right as he explored them (I gave them back).
  4. We didn’t nap you guys, just simply we never went north of the map wrap, and you never went south of the map wrap after that.
  5. Sup was my ally that round, Spooky was in my family.
  6. Devin’sPlace was in your fam, and either him or Imps dropped enough nw to take a planet (off a micro perm napped fam) right in the heart of sUp and my core. It wasn’t to fight us, it was trying to gain spread past our sector to get to Dispo/Primo.
  7. We had two fights against Displo / Primo that round.
  8. They drubbed us pretty bad in the first fight and basically cleared me (I had massive shares).
  9. They killed deeper into our territory with other fights with other fams.
  10. This set up the EoR war with them and us (I swear we were the Penguins this round, it is the round that Marie randomed into our family).
  11. They WAAAAAAY out jumped us, but we did all kinds of things (zero ops!) to slow down their advance.
  12. Dispo’s rep it seems was waaaaaay bigger than his reality, and I got 4 portals off him with 1 Trannie runs. Fucked his whole fight up.
  13. Living up the “Umbri’s Brat” nickname, we had so many fucking little attackers, and bankers that would retake, I actually scored a few systems from them.
  14. You guys were in second in size and needed us to win this crazy lopsided war for you guys to win size.
  15. Everyone was in #death them (750p WInME, Talic, Dispo, Dookie, and Chill), my fam (thoes who were awake), Imps, aaaand joo @Genesis (slander or no!).

3:35 AM It looks like they have us by about 55-60p and I we are all just bullshitting and guessing who was gonna win NW as it looks like I can’t pull off the upset and give you guys to take the crown.

<dispo_tract0r> I jump fleet, therefore I am good.
< WinME> truly amazing
< Chill> Haha, I have pop, there for NW I am awesome.
< WinME> truly amazing
< darrk> chomp set his alarm for 3:45 bitches
< Or1on> holy shit
< WinMe> it’s over, we lost.
<dispo_tract0r> I jump fleet, therefore we win?
< WinME> No dispo, we lost.
< Or1on> holy shit

Chomp logs in to IC and does 70 retaks with 110 morale

<chomp_on_this> joins #death
#death [nickserv] sets mode [email protected] chomp_on_this
<chomp_on_this> quits #death “HHHHHHHHAhahahahahahah, just kidding you suck”
< Talic> …
< darrk> he has a lot of energy =)
< spooky3do> hey! we won the war by 10p!
< darrk> yups
< Genesis> hey! we won the round!
< Genesis> lol, why do I have @ops here?
< Or1on> awesome job.
< WinMe> i hate you darrk.
< darrk> it’s only gay if we make eye contact Win <3

Long story short @Genesis we only ever fought over 40 Opti blanks that I had for a tick, one insane laser trap (day 5 - 1120 lasers), and one micro perm napped fam’s bridge planet.

Betchoor ass you were awake that night you sezzy beast.



Rounds were a bit more intense back then. :wink:
You are talking 2000 + players in any of the rounds we are talking about.
10,000k + in the early ones discussed here.

Hell Draco 1 was 600+? and that was all people who were VIP’s.

You had to (ummz) do a bit more than pay for TBO to fight your battle, do a massive cf violation to literally kill out your only competition, and then do the largest nap break in the game’s history to win a round.

Not just murder ever convention of decency in the game, and then call people “Bond Villains” to idfk… rationalize it?

You had to actually play back then.




I did play back then. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Just don’t remember who I played with or remember what themes I had etc haha.

And don’t take the bond villain comment as a negative haha. As I said the game would be a lot worse without you.

Whiteshadow more the bond villain anyway, his forum persona is great

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@Genesis There is a top flight modern player named @Orion , he is the foundation of modern econ imho. As in everyone says “they worked out some strat that is being used now with him”. There are like three of them now. Spread sheets, fast starts, planet flipping to circumvent the “empire OB cost” (not to be confused with simple OB cost).

He also uses the name “Noise” as well on occasion.

You and I know “Or1on” is Impy.
I thought this guy was him.

Based on him impact on the modern game hinting at his skill, and the Imps we know - was a groundbreaking player in his own right… Just like this guy. =)

Seems zeh reasonable assumption. :woman_shrugging:t2:

I do, I am one of the most honorable players in the history of the game.

Just because I roll with @WhiteShadow now (and would any time he wants to play) does not make me him. Nor do I inherit any transgression he may have had in the past.
I have know nothing but honor in his play.

Which is more than I can say for most.

I accept “negative” forum titles for three reasons.

  1. Because I was the first too.
  2. They are fuckign awesome, fuckign rare, and suuuper hard to get. =)
  3. I always have fought the big gangs of back patting bitches.

It is the writers of their own press releases that pin me as such.

Not reality, nor history.



We all know who orion was!!! TIF and impire! Gens bankers right? In one night stand?

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