What's the best role for a newbie?

What do you find works well for new players that you encounter? What race would you suggest to them to best play this role?

Veg started me off as CF banker Revalon, then had me do pop banker as Revalon, and then resourcer as Quantam. Now that I know a little bit more about the game, this progression for learning makes a lot of sense.

I would definitely say to start off as a Revalons CF banker…

Might get rather boring for a starting player quite fast.
Maybe do something more like ressie pax or so?

Maybe the role itself doesn’t matter too much (as long as it’s not HC attacker), as long as the guidance is right.

Agreed, depends on the amount of patience in the newbie… communication is key though

2 years ago I had an active newby camaar in mw fam coached by devilz. Can’t get more fun than that lol.
Guy eventually left because we allow ua / mag7 to happen in SN.

Short: race and role don’t matter. Clear guidance and a good mentor are most important imho to get a newby going. Learning by doing.

Ressie attacker!!
If they go banker there is a lot riding on them everyone always needs gc although it’s easy to learn.
Attacker has a lot to learn
Full ressie again has a lot riding on them but is easy to learn.

Why I say ressie attacker is because they get a feel of everything. They learn fam bank,infra building and a small part of attacking and its main goal is just retakes. This will give him or her some fun wile learning to infra and partake as a family with not a lot of pressure riding on them