What's everyone's thoughts on the Andromeda map so far?

What it says on the tin ^

Are you guys enjoying the map? Got issues with it? See room for improvement?

I had a blast designing it and I’d love to make more maps like these, so I’m looking for feedback from the current players so I can make maps of better quality in the future.

Talk to me <3

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Lets try to be constructive in our opinion.


I really like it. It leads to the most hilarious conversations. It’s all pretty close leading to nice skirmishes! Thanks for the work on this @Rawrr - it’s a good change compared to other rounds.


A Truly Refreshing Map- Outstanding!


The King approves!

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I thought it was too large for the time period clearly llamas won either way but science bonuses just started kicking in with 14 days or so left probably not at all for most players .

Another 2 weeks I think next time for a map that size to resolve itself really an infra whore round
Had that of been another two weeks I think we’d see a different map with llamas on top either way
, Depending on the next round I probably won’t be playing but I recommend something of simlair size but extend the round by X2 weeks to give attackers a chance too catch up too the infra whores

Gonna go out on a limb and say Georgio = Schneider multi

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Bloody hilarious if you create a multi to get drafted by another fam to mess them up and/or gather intel, and then be forced to draft your own multi :stuck_out_tongue:

There is nothing about that scenario that doesn’t seem feasible to me when it comes to Voices/Vicious

Interesting theory they call that one the crook in the lot in other words it takes a cheat to catch a cheat hey Hala how come your player Malachi all inactive ?

I think you have me in the wrong fam…

Also, this may be an interesting read for you: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Punctuation

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this is basically an admission of guilt

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