What Is Your Deepest IC Secret?


What is your deep, dark secret from your IC playing days?

For me, it may be that in all my years of playing, I have NEVER used any of the IC Tools. Not a single one even before some of them were incorporated into the game. Honestly I don’t even know how most of them work, or what real benefit they’d provide me.

And like those people who are so adamant about never having seen a Star Wars movie, I find it equally unlikely that I ever well use any of those helper tools.



I have never built a TO.




Not even an ICC? (Dating myself as prehistoric there.)

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I once had 3 multi accounts in the same family



Enterprise and I once shared an account for a few weeks when I was first recruited to take over a Tortuga Nebula Thugs slot. THAT WAS A DISASTER!! We fought constantly over the lack of Fleet Readiness. Plus he kept crashing our fleet into a system that had a DS just because that player had annoyed him. Never again.

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Never played multi, allways played fair.
Dream to lead a ruthless fam and take everyones planets without honour!



I touch myself while I raid people

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TMI. And keep your fleets away from MY planets!!

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Mmm sugar. Where you hiding



I used to account share with a friend and we would look after each others accounts when we couldn’t get online.

Don’t think I ever had a multi…



I pronounce Stefan’s name like “Steven” and not like “Ste-fahn” and don’t know why.



Back in the early 2000´s i created 40 e-mail adresses to create 40 IC accounts to get all my mates from school into one family.



I really do know how to play well…I just can’t really be assed to most of the time for longer than a couple days at a time.



I will put mine in my will so that when I die my lawyer will come here and post them on my behalf.

Until that day. I’m innocent, honest.



my deepest IC secret is that in all my years of playing i have not used the guidelines and percentages for building and jumping and attacking or banking and all that nice stuff. I just do it and find my own groove…

not taking away from any of those things. I just never saw them, and no one ever taught me them when i first started out.

oh and i took a 5 year break from IC



I may have many friends in here that would trust me with anything but to be honest…lol I Probley have ratted out most of ya if u have ever cheated and let me know…I may not say it to ur face…but i hate ducking cheaters…but what’s worse than cheaters is quitters…I will hate you for life…



i have no real idea what i’m doing and just wing things and hope for the best.

i only really ever got guidance once in the old days, from a fam i was in



This thread should be renamed #confessions as people are just confessing to some mediocre shit. Nothing really bad. Definitely not dark secrets lol

Pussys :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

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Says the guy who won’t post his. :stuck_out_tongue: