What is this game? A survey

  • Team game
  • Empire simulation

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Ok, I have been thinking and I was curious, how do people view this game? Is it a sports like team game set in space where you compete for a set time to win with pre-determined rules and outcomes? Or is it a Empire expansion simulation set in space where you build the biggest empire you can and compete with others to do so?

Can you add an option number C:Both? It really depends on the galaxy and/or who you get stuck with in your family.

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I actually want what you think it primarily is at its heart… so which one when push comes to shove…

I mean it is obviously both in a mix, but what do you think of as first in order of importance/relevance

I can change my vote cool :slight_smile:

There is no real answer to this question. Depends on when, where, how someone found this game. And how, what, if they played it.

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I am not looking for a right answer, I am looking for your answer, what category do you think IC falls in most…

I believe some of the biggest issues with the game stem from a difference in what people think the game is about fundamentally

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I think of this game like motorsport. Each player is trying to built the best and biggest empire to win individually but without the help of a productive team, no matter how good you are, you wont get anywhere. So overall I would say its a team game with an individual winner.


Interesting outlook.