What is the best concert you have been to?

I am a pretty big music fan and love to hear about favorite live performances (or in general who I should/shouldn’t try to see). I have seen everything from Jimmy Buffet on the beach, The Reverend Horton Heat going hard, to random Jazz bands in divey SF bars.

My all time favorite concert experience was actually Tame Impala at the Bunbury Music Festival in 2015. They weren’t a headliner for the festival, but were playing on one of the larger stages on the second day. I hadn’t particularly listened to them too much before, but they had just released the album Currents so they had a pretty big following.

They were playing at about 3 or 4pm, and it had been a HOT day. People started cramming towards the stage, so my friends and I hung back and were going to watch from a distance. They played a few songs and a huge storm came in, like lightning pretty close, pouring rain, really strong winds, the whole 9-yards. The band was rushed off stage, staff lowered a banner so all the equipment didn’t get wet, and fans scattered. Since we were far back, we were able to get under a little gazebo and we just hung out while most other people left. We could see them messing around behind the banner on stage, but assumed they were just packing things up.

After about 10 minutes, they dropped the intro to The Less I Know the Better and slowly raised the banner. The band had just covered all their amps with big black trash bags and moved their instruments back some, but they were ready to go! There were about 10% of people left, but everyone rushed the stage. Keep in mind, it has been pouring for a while, and it was still storming like no other, so people were slipping and when others tried to help them up they would fall too etc… Well there ended up being one particularly comical mud pit that nobody could get around, and someone took the initiative and just belly slid through… Then everyone started belly sliding through the mud (myself included, dawning what were once some particularly white shorts). Anyways Tame Impala jammed and created a euphoric environment for about an hour while we were all just acting like kids, I hadn’t laughed so hard in a very long time :slight_smile:

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That’s awesome!

I was never a big concert-attender, but SO and I caught the Black Sabbath reunion tour when it came to Virgina. It was very nice. The crowd was quite mellow. Sitting in front of us were a grandpa, his son and granddaughter - all adults, and all sharing a joint. Ozzy still had it, and told us that we were all f***ing amazing. Iomi caught my attention much of the time, just standing there, shredding like no tomorrow. And the drum solo - OMG the drum solo blew me away.

Funny thing is I had never been a BS fan, but I enjoyed the show immensely.


Been to so many, hard to pick a favorite one.

Thrice, alkaline Trio and hot water music was a great gig, small venue, and 3 great bands in 1.

The Mars Volta is one of the greatest shows I’ve ever seen, especially since I was there with about 20 mates.

But one of the craziest shows ever was Mindless Self Indulgence, I liked their music and popped over for a quick look at a festival, the front man was a nutcase, went crazy, I ended up staying for the whole set which caused me to miss As I Lay Dying, which sucked, but so glad I stayed, also saw Slipknot at the end of the night :metal:

But really too many to carry on about haha, I could talk about great shows for days.

1 final one, my mates band played with Wish for wings, an Aussie metal band, came out dressed as the presidents from point break, played the whole show with gloves on even,
“I’m Johnny Utah!” Straight into brutal metal!

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mark knopfler in this intimit consert in my hometown back in 2005, it was truly amazing

I love it lol. Reunion concerts always sound hit or miss, glad Black Sabbath was fun! I really want to go see Dead & Company sometime soon.

My friends brought me to a Here Come the Mummies concert once and I didn’t look them up first or anything. Boy was that a shock lol (If you haven’t heard of them look em up :wink: )

@Airwing I love intimate concerts. Especially when the artists are completely calm, mellow and casual with their fans. Much more personal

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Whatcha mean by this? They all played together or something? :o

@Xenon I just looked up Here Come the Mummies, that sounds awesome! Link for the curious.

As for me, it’s tough but Sublime with Rome tops it off. I saw them play last year with The Offspring. I’m not a huge fan of either, but enjoy them both well enough.

Rome Ramirez though, damn… sure he did the Sublime originals justice, but there was this one point in the show where he was doing a song I didn’t know, and as the song climaxed the music stopped and it was just him singing. It was a crowd of about 10,000 people and it felt like you could hear a pin drop. Everybody was entranced.

That’s how I knew it was gold, getting that response from a crowd on a song that isn’t a radio hit from a band where he replaced a legendary frontman. He held his own and then some.

He also had the entire place singing along to Santeria as the show ended. I normally don’t sing along in shows but the vibe was so good and everybody was having such a great time, I couldn’t help it.

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I got to see Coldplay at the Hollywood Bowl for my first live concert! For the encore they came out on a rising platform in the middle of the crowd and started with Fix You. It was the tour where they gave everyone in the audience the wristbands that lit up with colors along with the songs so it was a great spectacle.

That must have been pretty awesome!!!

I went to a festival and for the first time in so many years, the Rolling Stones came to perform on a festival in the Netherlands. I know these guys are old and not as brilliant music-wise, but man what a performance!

That was awesome!

I went to see Muse, it was there first Concert after the drummers dad died, and they performed a special one time acoustic set. it was really cool, but not what I paid for :stuck_out_tongue:

Also Went to see Alestorm and some guy punched me in the face haha goodtimes -_-’

Saw Dave Mathews open up for Blues Traveler live back in 2005 in College later on I saw Bucket Head!

I don’t have favorite concert because I never went to one, but when I was a kid, I get invited over to my friends who are in music band, mostly heavy metal. I enjoyed it a lot even through I don’t understand music. I’m not music person because I’m deaf. I love loud and heavy beats through my body and it was awesome.

It’s been so long time since my high school. I don’t have favorite band but I like anything heavy metal.

Two years ago or so, I finally got cochlear implant and I was struggling to understand music but it was interesting because I havent use hearing device for over 15 years due to barriers to getting one myself, like having no health insurance or audiologists not caring about me getting one. It’s long story.

Maybe I should give it a try again. :slight_smile:


I understand vegnarak… I took years of studying that audio production film work enlisted in music performance i understood its intention of what it performs it can cause a ton of damage into the brain to anyone!

Top 3 are Mumford and Sons, Shinedown, and Five Finger Death Punch.

Mumford had to postpone their gig here in KC and pick it up at a later date. Turned out we were their final show before returning home to go on hiatus for a bit. They went all out for 2 hours covering almost every song in their library. After a 20 minute intermission they came back on and did another 90 minutes of acoustic set. Amazing. Worth standing 10 rows back from the stage for almost 6 hours.

Shinedown is amazing live. Brent Smith sings like an angel.

5FDP goes crazy. Crowd always goes nuts during their shows so it’s and all around good time.

Best I saw was foo fighters close second was red hot chili peppers

First concert I went to was limp biscuit and korn

Nirvana 92, Nevermind tour. :slightly_smiling_face:

Mumford & Sons not my first and defiantly not my last but these guys are great live. Sat near the back all evening, then when it looked as if they’d finished, up popped the band right next to me on a tiny stage at the back of they audience for an acoustic finish what a night.

My Morning Jacket in Punta Cana DR at the Hard Rock Hotel resort… it was a 4 night concert series, they played 3 of the 4 nights and Portugal. the man headlined one of them. All inclusive beer, food drink… best experience ever.

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I went and saw The Screaming Jets once and got in a fight with the singer because I was crazy drunk and took his mic, that was fun :grin:


Did he demonstrate why they’re called The Screaming Jets? :stuck_out_tongue: