What are your dream races for IC?


Make your idea of any race you wish to be in IC??? We need to diversify the strategy in IC to make this game very interesting. I feel that we are in stalemate for old strategy for long time so why not introduce to new standard races. I thought it would be fun. Here are my idea races:

Mathrak (Support: Saboteur)

Magic -30%
Attack -30%
Science +30%
Income +30%
Population -30%
Speed 0%


Covert Operations:
Destroy Mining Faciltities (5%) +10
Destroy Cash Factories (5%) +10
Destroy Tax Offices (5%) +10
Destroy Refinement Stations (5%) +10
Destroy Occarine Stations (5%) +10
Steal Cash (5%) +10
Steal Iron (5%) +10
Steal Endurium (5%) +10
Destabilize Travel (double speed travel, worked only once for 8 hours) +10
Disable Lasers/Mines +10

Destroy Units +5
Sabotage Portal +5
Investigate Portal +5
Planetary Infrastructure +5

Orochican (Support: Influence)

Magic: +60%
Attack: -30%
Science: +10%
Income: +20%
Population: -30%
Speed: 0%

Boost Morale (on target family player, add 10% Morale, allow 5 times per player) +10
Conjure Shield (on target planet, 1 tick protection from attack, stack up 4 times) +5
Cancel Shield (on target planet, remove shield completely) +5
Necromancy (summon dead soldiers, on target player, additional 30% of soldiers, droids not counted) +5
Materialize (add 10% of gold production to the bank, stackable as many as you want) +5
Create Wormhole (instant time travel, 50% chance, target family player, upon creating wormhole then cannot create new one for 8 hours, wormhole stay open for 4 hours) +10

Space Amazement +5
Electric Storms +5
Reduce Food Production +5
Vision +5

Covert Operations:

Aggrezi (Support: Technology)

Magic: -30%
Attack: -30%
Science: 50%
Income: -30%
Population -30%
Speed: 100%

15 points

Special Abilities:
Hybrids (superior to Droids and Soldiers, stats undecided) +30
Tax Offices +10


Covert Operations:
Cryptomining (Triple income production, last for 2 ticks, can stack up for more ticks, only worked on self player) +30
Speed Up Portalling (reduce 30% of portal building time) +30
Boost Defense (adding drones on target planet, 50% defense bonus, last for 4 ticks, may include enemy’s planet, only worked once per planet) +10
Hacking (target enemy, reduce 10% income production for 4 ticks, only worked once, causing market into chaos) +5
Laser Trap (Triple attack power of lasers on target friendly planet for 4 ticks, not stackable) +30
Halting Iron Production (Causing Mining Facility to stop working due to machine failure, 100% production halt for 1 tick, not stackable, 50% chance) +5
Halting Endurium Production (Causing Refinement Stations to stop working, 100% production halt for 1 tick, not stackable, 50% chance) +5
Detect Infiltration (Prevent Infiltration due to nanobugs protection for 4 ticks, not stackable, target friendly player) +5

What do you think? Sound fun? Haha


My dream race is already in the game, it’s called Partaxian. :joy:


You’re no fun. :stuck_out_tongue:


I like some of the ops you came up with though :smiley:
Some are really overpowered though… I like these ones in particular:


Yeah, overpowered cost more points. I was doing some math from custom race. I figured I make it +30 instead of +5. :slight_smile:


Destroy Cash Factories (5%) +10

Having the guarantee you hit CF’s is insane, and that for only 10 points!


Yeah, you’re right. Hmmm…


I think a first good step would be to bring back quezian for SN, this was sutch a fun race and galaxy to play!! Now its not even close to what it was with quezian.

As far as race goes i think its more or less covered in a good way, maybe a pure pop race and custom cf races would be nice. what would make the game alot more interesting i think is som new ops, and fam roles AS i suggested earlier to support fleet admiral and vl,


Oh oh oh! I just remembered. We can make pop-based race. We can add covert operation like “Cloning” which add % of population increase over time. Sound like fun, to speed things up. LIke “Hypotize” destroy pop, but when get destroyed, “Cloning” perhap make up for it…like counter. :smiley: