What are you listening to?


I doubt you know the song is about a painting from the world famous painter Jheronimus Bosch from the Dutch Northern Renaissance?

No worries though, the dead are starting to mumble and they underground will soon crawl out of the depths of their basements and momma’s attics and comeback with a vengeance with the return of the Renaissance 2.0!

Oh snap…I think I just unwillingly proved your point! :slight_smile: :rofl:



For my man @Swagga

We keep it crunk up, John Blaze’d!


The fingerprint disease is back! :partying_face:


I found the little green bag again! :slight_smile:


my girlfriend whining… :stuck_out_tongue:


Conference calls :stuck_out_tongue:


Nijntje lief klein konijntje =) having a 2 year old in house



Be warned the rude lyrics are being supported by classical music!

Malin talked me into staying until we win 5 MW rounds in a row. See you all next rounds! RAWRxxx!


A song with a nice vibe when today we remember the great war and all the people who have lost their lives, to prevent this from happening again…while we wait for the war that changes all to get a foot. I am a 'the glass is half full type of guy" :laughing:



Got a 3 year old daughter…


It is about time all you foreigners get to know the dutchies in this game! TURBOOO!




Thx Sunney! I’ll check out more of his stuff!



@Sol_Invictus I’ve always loved 80’s hardcore conscious and true 90’s gangster rap