Well, that sucks =/


Just got back from the vet, my cat has a tumor in her bladder they believe is malignant. :crying_cat_face:

Pet lovers of IC, give your furry pals a kiss on the head, and/or a good pat!

The good news is, it’s early stages. :crossed_fingers: Surgery has its risks at her age (18), but doing nothing is riskier. We’ll see how she handles it later in the month.

Wish her luck!


Aw, man, I’m sorry. We’ve lost more than one cat to cancer. I’ll be hoping for the best.

What’s her name? Got a pic?


Damn, scary shiznit, I wish you and the old girl luck. :heart:


Thanks guys.

@audiodef it’s Grazilda, the ol’ girl.

The good news in all of this is it’s relatively early. I took her in earlier this week because her pee was dark and she’s going on her 3rd bladder infection in 3 months. If the tumor is a factor there, and they’re able to remove it, she might come out ahead doing better than before. :thinking:

Still scary of course, but I suppose there’s some silver lining in there.


Saying my prayers for you pie and your cat


sorry to hear about your cat, I hope the vets are able to help her and she heals quick.


Thanks! She goes into surgery tomorrow, crossing my fingers. :crossed_fingers:


Fingers crossed here, too.


Good luck Pie and Grazilda. :heart:


Thanks all, surgery went well! Apparently the tumor was smaller than they expected too, which is great.





oooh glad to hear that Pie!