Well now that you have completely f$$k the game up

Wow, under 50 people play the game now, farmers are still alive in MW,
You screw up SN by changing it to chaos, and your manthano looks like it has more vets than new people.

When are you going to get a grip on reality, and really do something about the game. All these changes seem to be more for the patronage rather that to make the game even close to what it use to be.

Well it really doesn’t matter to me anymore, I’m done with this game.
Been playing it this game since it started, so sad it come to this

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supernova is in all 3 universes. I agree it splits people up but even adding all players across SN together is a low count (and that includes double accounts)

Thanks for sharing your view on the game, and your feedback. Even though put forward a bit blunt, all feedback is appreciated.

As has been the case for a long time now, the playerbase has remained pretty much stable, and opinions of everyone differ quite significantly. Some people like the changes, some people don’t. Pie is doing his best to listen to everyone and do whats best for the game. I’m sorry you don’t like the current path.

All those changes you consider to be ruining the game are ‘Pie doing something about the game’.
Quite a lot of people like it actually.

If you have any ideas how to improve it better (instead of just flaming here it all sucks), please share it! Come up with a way to make the introduction galaxy (you say contains more vets than new people) actually for new people. If you don’t like SN, how would you like to see it?

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Yeh its a bit much this multiverse is. I couldn’t even figure out how to join chaos until after i had joined normal. There wasn’t an option when joining via the normal login page. Was only afterwards i realised, after seeing a forum post with a link to a different home page which was annoying. Put a link and a message within the actual join a galaxy page so new players joining can see.

Seems there’s been alot of changes since i last played. So many infact i struggle. Navigating the sidebar is a pain at the best of times. It’s not simple enough. Not new friendly at all.
That with the new forum which is also hard to navigate and work around, for someone who hasn’t used it before. Again its not simple enough. If I’m having these issues, a player with ten years plus experience then god knows what new players think? Must be tough?

I haven’t even got my head around all the other changes yet, I’m trying…to just play…but…its a chore?

It seems cjay is right Imo…although alot of changed have been made, yes they may or may not be good that’s irrelevant the point is it seems the game has changed more in favour of the people that already play the game, more comfortable for few rather then for the many. It’s not new user friendly what so ever, yet that’s what’s always been the problem with IC the failure to keep new players and nothing has changed in that sense Imo its now worse.

More needs to be done to get and keep new players. All this fancy bs doesn’t work for them.

I dont know what to suggest but don’t take this post as a negative. As i said thw work done may or not be great i just don’t feel as its new user friendly at all.

I mean, i cant even find simple things still, like thw surrender button where has that gone too? The sidebar is a headache.

The map systems are too small. Some have like one planet and others have many?
Although its easier to navigate on a Mobile device then before and seems smoother the rate in which planets are dispersed around the map is not balanced…

Meh but what do i know…im just chilling in the noob galaxy.
Joined the one man fam galaxy a day late. Wanted to delete but can’t even find the link :joy:


If the changes (which is alot) in the years I’ve been gone, happened ten years ago, ic would have thrived.
All this stuff, is what IC used to need.
But not anymore, what IC needs now is a way to make it easier for new players,more attractive for new players. Atm it is just aimed towards thw current base of players who already play. Surely you understand and that’s what cjay is saying.

As i said. I dont really have any ideas, i feel so noob its took me half hour to get round the forum to type this. Let alone start generating ideas for game play. I think maybe just expand the new galaxy for new players. It’s a great idea. But have it on a different server. Have tutors again, lose the sidebar go back to basic stuff man. Teach, entertain and keep new players then let them play the other galaxys. It’s just to much Imo.


I feel like Iam a new player. So these are just my two cents. The changes are nice. For players with experience. Shame all this stuff didn’t happen ten years ago eh :kissing_heart:

This noobie going bed anyway i might think of some ways you can make this new player galaxy for new player friendly next few days and post them, already dropped a few hints in the previous posts. New players will prefer simple and good training before going on to all this pretty and advanced stuff :slight_smile:


There is no delete button, it was removed I believe because people were joining and deleting just to get into a family they wanted to be in.

As for Hala’s post on this

I have made suggestions in the past, and all I received was scorn, ridicule, and flamed by those that like to farm/ruin people’s rounds.
And yet there has been nothing done to fix the problem because of the position these people sit with in the hierarchy of the gaming community.

Now let’s take a look at MW

1 (5185) [59,18] 969 10287205 39931

|2||Its Dark and Hell is Hot!! (5191) [16,92]|1081|7672852|38405|

|3||Those guys (5190) [16,36]|765|5171359|27195|

|4||RagTag Renegades (5187) [91,28]|728|4507868|25213|

|5||Elemental! (5189) [40,97]|1052|3766581|25116|

|6||The Council (5188) [44,58]|480|1867989|19439|

|7||Tales of Berseria (5186) [73,69] 1265| 1392901 19882|

5th place has been feeding off the last place family for awhile now. I have been keeping an eye on the news. Here a family that’s almost at 4mill in score, 1000+ planets, have been killing off a family of 1.3 and under 250 planets. So how are they going to defend against them.
And you wonder why people don’t want to play anymore

How about these changes,

  1. no two families can be in the same system. Who ever was in the system first has 24hrs to clear any other family that jumps into the system, or you lose the system to them

  2. 75% attack ratio. This will,protect the smaller families to some extent from being farmed by those that just want to have easy attacks with no losses, enjoy ruining others round

  3. no kicking people from your family. So if someone wants to play SS in MW so be it. Work with them, a good as player in a family is a blessing if worked with. And if you don’t want to, don’t. They have just as much right to play as any other person in the game. If you don’t want to work with them, doesn’t mean your get to rob them of the planets they have gotten

  4. How about a AI FLEET, that helps the smaller family from those that are being dicks and farming/ruining others rounds, by having it doing the same to them

All this talk about getting new players, building the game back up, when all it has been over the last 5yrs or so is feeding the people who are ruining the game happy

I must have had at least 30 people join this game on my recommendation over the yrs, and not one of them is still here. They have quit because of theBS in the game

The first fix in the game is the one where people are held accountable for their actions, if your not willing to protect the new players to the game, until they are comfortable playing it, why are they even going to come back
( and the new player gal doesn’t cut it, yes it’s good to learn the Eco side, but not the attacking, so why not open another for people who want to learn attacking)

Let the flaming begin

It’s been awhile since we’ve had one of these posts, which usually indicates lack of communication on my part. Before I get into some explanation, I do want to thank you @Lee for expressing your criticisms in a more positive and constructive manner.

@CJay92, I understand and sympathize with your frustrations, but stuff like this is part of what hurts IC:

This is demonstrably false. The home page currently shows 76 active players. No, this isn’t the thousands we used to have at IC’s height but it’s definitely not “under 50”. What’s more, is it’s around the same that we had when I took over IC in 2016. As @Hala mentioned, the playerbase has not grown much but it has remained stable.

I have made many mistakes since I took over, but causing IC’s playerbase decline is not one of them. On the contrary, since I took over our decline has stabilized. What’s more, since I took over, our exposure and player acquisition has increased to numbers we haven’t seen since 2011.

We’re actually turning things around after a near decade of admin inactivity. What doesn’t help is when players read the forum and see somebody incorrectly state “I’ve been here from the beginning, and wow there’s under 50 players left.”. I don’t know if you’re intentionally lying or actually thought that your number was accurate, but it doesn’t really matter; false statements like that aren’t doing us any good.

Anyway, onto some details:

I am aware that the process is confusing. It is on my list to fix, but not a priority right now. Even “easy” fixes take time, and doing a bunch of easy fixes eventually adds up. As with most of IC’s problems, it isn’t a lack of awareness that something needs fixing, it’s a lack of time to do it.

Do you have specific examples of problems you face? What would you do differently? I understand the point of what you’re saying but without details I can’t actually turn your feedback into code changes.

This was a necessary tradeoff for the sake of security. Our old PunBB forums were several years out of date and the project itself has been inactive since 2015. Keeping the old forums was not an option I was willing to accept. Familiar forums aren’t worth being hacked, which is what caused us to try PunBB in the first place.

Discourse is open source. I have my hands full with IC’s code, so if players have specific things they don’t like about the forums, they are welcome to actually submit code changes themselves. If coding isn’t your thing, feedback is welcome on the Discourse meta forums.

In short: we’re not ditching Discourse anytime soon. If players don’t like it, they can:

Alternatively, if players think we should be using something entirely different, suggestions are welcome in our own feedback forum.

I think it’s a bit the other way around actually. We have quite a bit of older players who absolutely hated the most recent redesign. Some criticisms were completely valid, but others boiled down to “I was used to the old site”. I think players with ten years plus experience sometimes mistake familiarity for user friendly UI.

IC has a long way to go, but our old site was years out of date, both technically and visually. The current design is a strong departure from what we knew, but we are making UI improvements along the way. When people reminisce about “the good old days” and how much better the site used to look, they take new features like mass exploration or planet filtering for granted. Nostalgia and rose-tinted glasses are real.

We specifically just released features to help with this. I don’t see how tool-tip tours and a newbie galaxy make things worse for newcomers compared to not having them. Can you explain your opinion on this?

This is a good example of an old player mistaking their bias for user friendliness. A new player has no concept/expectation of “surrender”. It’s only because you know that it was once a feature that you feel frustrated that you can’t find it anymore. A new player would not experience this.

As @Cjay92 mentioned, surrending was removed awhile ago due to abuse. We are working on a more proper way to re-implement the feature.

I assume you’re referring to Supernova. We are testing a different planet distribution this round. This was discussed and decided here.

I 100% agree. I am currently putting most of my energy into an ongoing rewrite that will solve alot of the game’s core problems both on the backend and the frontend. That’s why I am not prioritizing fixing some of the more “obvious” problems with the current game.

I don’t agree with this at all. After I starting making changes there was a whole bunch of long time players who hated every single thing I was doing.

The game is in no way catering to its past; I am actively not doing that. I can understand that the game is still not user friendly but that doesn’t mean that we are “aiming” the experience at the current playerbase.

CJay’s initial words were inaccurate, so I hesitate to draw meaning from them other than the typical “everything sucks!” post we get once in awhile. He has since provided more clarity and constructive criticism, which is helpful.

You have more than you give yourself credit for. Again, thanks for your thoughtful feedback.

Can you show me where this has happened? Our moderators have been tasked with improving the experience for everybody, and suggestions should be welcomed, not scorned.

Please be specific. What is “the problem” you are referring to? Can you show me proof that our staff, including me, are actively not fixing things because we want to keep people at the top of some hierarchy happy?

That’s a whole lot of accusation with nothing to back it up. If you have specific examples of this, I’d very much like to see them. Otherwise I am going to assume you are just making this up, as you did with the “under 50 players” bit.

Thank you for your ideas. I agree with alot of your points, but as you know development takes time and IC is not my full time job. This is why I ask for Patreon donations; the more financial support I receive to work on IC, the more I can choose IC over working for somebody else. It’s not so I can just make changes for the Patronage, as you suggested, it’s so I can actually work on the game at all.

You’ve been playing this game since it started. That’s nearly 18 years. Have you considered supporting its development?

5 years ago, Stefan was running things. What you refer to as “all it has been” has significantly changed as of 2016.

Yeah, join the club. Before I was the admin here, I was another player from way back in the day too. None of the players I brought to the game are here any longer either.

We are actively trying to fix “theBs in the game”, despite your perception that we are not solving these problems.

This has been suggested, and it is a good idea. It also will take development time, and we have no ETA for this feature yet.

Of the posts here so far, nobody has flamed you. Everybody has been considerate of your concerns and gone out of their way to explain their perspective in a constructive manner.

Is it possible that things maybe just aren’t as bad as you think they are? That maybe we don’t have an admin that has “completely f$$ked the game up”? That maybe we don’t have “under 50 people playing the game now”? Is it possible that farming was always a problem, and not something that I am actively causing?


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I enjoy the changes. They give more options to the players it doesn’t change the amount of players at all. All players are able to play all servers, its up to you to want to participate in them. Regular ic server still have by far the majority of players still and sn has been dying out for rounds now since the dreamweaver race was taken away.

The changes have made the game easier to play and now more verity of game play.
Only those willing to adapt to changes will enjoy changes to the game everyone else just hang on tight for a ride because in the end its for the better.

This quote is going back quite a bit but I didn’t want to join the conversation at it’s peak.

As a n00b to IC, my only real issue was finding the headquarters page. I had done it once but sat for at least an hour trying to find it again. This was dealt with and the HQ link was added underneath the empire image.

I am a relatively fast learner so once I had found it again, I was scooting around the game like a champ and the very next round lead a family of 3(and then 4 when the SN round was over and we grabbed LG). In that round alone I learned the rest of the game and even made a lot of enemies (to be fair though I had a lot of enemies from the first round but I am a genius so whatever.)

My point is that I agree with Pie, Older players are still looking for the delete empire button but new folk are taking the game as for what it is now.

I literally only just read up to that quote so far so if this has been a repeat then sorry. But I know that my anecdote keeps this post from a flag. <— if not then I will report for false flagging.

EDIT: just got to the end. I would like to add something but I forgot it after the first sentence in this edit. Stay tuned for more editing…

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Well said Mace.

I would like to add that a lot of ‘old’ players also like the changes to the game, adapt, find new ways to play and have a good time.

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I’ve said this before, but I tend to dip in and out of the game, and have done for a long time. I’m sure most people will agree the game is no where near its peak when there were hundred of players playing at once. However, having said that, the game was far from perfect when it was at its peak. There were numerous minor game errors and eccentricities. The game thrived at that time due a wave of new players who arrived by primarily word of mouth referrals, yet those who came ultimately did not stay.

The game has moved on massively since Pie took over and, as far as I can tell, Pie has worked hard in removing all the errors and eccentricities from the game, as well as trying to make it more user friendly (what actually constitutes ‘user friendly’ is always going to be subjective as everyone is different). Only once this has been achieved can attentions turn to attracting and retaining a new player base.

I think people would do well to remember that this is a free game, and always will be. There are always going to be small issues that people don’t like. It is also very apparent that the new moderator team are open to CONSTRUCTIVE criticism (which has rarely happened in the past) and, if people have issues, the team would be more than happy to hear them, provided they are supported by specific examples and informaiton.


HMMM I wasn’t sure whether I would add to this then and then decided I should. There are games out there that get moaned about and abused that people pay hundreds of pounds a year for. This game is free. FREE BEING they key to the fact with no big investment and no financial backing it’s so hard to do even the smallest of tasks. I just wish sometimes people would type think before writing the aggressive and untrue points they do. I played this game when I was 14. I’m now 25 and still play this game. When new stuff came out I hated it. I now love it and to be fair think it’s make alot more sense. We as players need to help this game rather then abuse it. Long winded I know but felt like I wanted my say lol I think if there was funding to help turn this into a phone app form, people would return/join as let’s be honest people are to lazy for browser games and like quick button push apps lol


What about a family surrender function to stop farming, so if you go to war and give up the leader clicks surrender and then the fam cant be attacked for say 7 days? and they can only retake planets that are in systems that are say 90% owned by that fam?

I’m sure some of you bright sparks can elaborate better than me- but we do have to stop fam raping.

also as this is a conflict game it seems to me as always there is a lot of people who don’t like conflict - just have a gal for bankers and rezzies and opps? let them build till there hearts content.

that’s my 2 pence worht

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Perhaps the issue is some people are expecting a lavender smelling rose-filled sunset and that’s just not reasonable?

5th is only two spots away from last, and last isn’t fighting back (I know for a fact). Don’t say you can’t fight back, you can. I was in the exact same situation this round, 2nd fighting 4th. To Cjay’s point, that two spot difference actually represented double our networth (and this wasn’t even a war fyi). So what did we do? Use other in-game available tools to our advantage! People mention “rape” but was there conversation regarding a NAP? Were planets offered? Or did the last place fam expect everyone would let them grow?

The real heinous behaviour here is losing and then complaining about it.

Currently, the first place fam would have no one to attack.
The second place fam would be able to attack first place.

Ultimately the problem is strictly educational.

That 5th place fam started grabs on 6th and 7th when nw and size was pretty much equal. Pretty much 1 vs 2 directly after delay lift.

Can’t blame pie for this situation though.

I am looking forward to the new layout.

Sorry you get the reply for both of my points but the first one is for you (BUD777).

  1. please view this link. You went more in depth than me. Surrender button

  2. last place are not really playing, they are doing real life stuff. I know this for a FACT (I am in the fam… :slight_smile: ). I suppose that makes our planets up for grabs.

Raping is what’s fun about the game. It’s fun. Just not so much when there’s only a few familys. It’s not anyone’s fault not enough people play so targets are limited, not just for the familys with the best econ but also for the little families. The big guys can only do what the game is meant for, but then the little guys then have no targets either. The food chain is smaller then years ago and that’s why it’s more noticeable.

Adding limits on nw% isn’t the answer.

Diversity and player base is the issue.

This isn’t pies fault its stefans. All these new things and features added, bug fixes, all this great work pie has done should have been done a very very very long long time ago. Ofc the player base would have still dropped but no where near as much. Trouble is Stefan wouldn’t let anyone touch the code. Not really.

I think, and i mentioned this a few years ago. Make a app for this game that can be downloaded via the play store on androids and on the apple store and Microsoft store.
I’m not sure how hard that is to do, but from a coders perspective, can’t be hard?
I think doing that would be great advertising for this game. We would surely have a greater influx of newer players then we have now?
Plus it’d be easier to use. More convenient.
No one wants to play games via web pages in this day and age. Everything is app app apps.

I think the sidebar could do with being easier to use, like instead of me having to go to hq to get to council and science it should just be a link on the sidebar. Less navigation
Same for some other parts like a separate box for military building. I know u can add three pets to the bar at the top but. Obviously these little things save time but that’s probably probably just my preference. Maybe adding three links to the quickbar isn’t enough, maybe 4 would do it?

The fleet screen. Why not have standing fleet at the bottom of the page? Moving fleets at the top. Stationed forces in the middle of the two. See no reason for standing fleet to be at the top. When it has no function. Where as one is Constantly attacking it’s alot of extra scrolling on a mobile device.

The new training galaxy is nice. I like it. But i think it’d be better with the vets staying and having an extra spot per fam for the vets families to help train new people. Give them that extra element. Kinda like the old tutor system but not, at the same time. Also there’s alot of inactives that need removing too…

Other then that I’m happy, just adjusting and learning myself. :slight_smile:

P.s I would like to be able to delete from SN tho…im just stuck there on my own doing nothing lol…its stopping me from being able to join mw when a spot opens. Or another galaxy if and when one opens. I thought I’d give it a go, SN…but iv never been one for playing alone.

p.s love the hall of fame. but I’m showing up as Motherfakin champions rather then just Lee. is that changeable?

looks back to the good old days few top ranks and round wins…draco…miss that…

edit NVM I changed my empire name and it auto updated. sexy.

Lee just admitted he like raping guys lmao.

Going to be catching upnwith this thread but did we really need the title.

Been catching up on the post lots of good stuff here. With that being said iv joined the gals that I van and am waiting for a spot in mW to open up. I see a lot of boodnvhanhes just from my initial plunge butniv always thought that pie has been and is working the best to move the game forward

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Haha James. You know me! :joy::heart_eyes:

Yeh agreed about the title. Also, Pie had always been “the” man.

Me also waiting for a spot in mw :zzz:

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