Welcome to The IC Gallery!

A looooong time ago one of our players, Nibbler, created an unofficial community website for the players to share pics of themselves (and their pets!). It was called ic-gallery.com (aka ICPG) and was great, but unfortunately isn’t around anymore. :frowning_face:

It’s last viewable archive is from Dec 23, 2010 — 8 years ago!


(click image above for web archive)

Let’s bring this back!

It’s time we created an official gallery of our own! :smiley: Here’s the basics:

  1. One picture per topic! This will work best for our new gallery view.
  2. When creating a new topic, you can upload via drag n drop, or link to an external image url (imgur.com, for example).
  3. Don’t post other peoples’ pictures! :grimacing: It’s important to respect privacy. :slight_smile:
  4. Pets are allowed, and encouraged!
  5. Enjoy!